As Election Fraud Blows Up in Dems’ Faces, MSM Resuscitates COVID Fear


For a second straight day, the U.S. set a grim record by notching more than 100,000 new coronavirus cases.

Exact numbers varied, from 116,255 recorded by the COVID Tracking Project, to the New York Times’ count of more than 117,000 new cases, to Johns Hopkins University reporting 121,054 daily cases.

Until Wednesday, no country had ever surpassed 100,000 new COVID-10 cases in a single day.

According to Johns Hopkins data, the U.S. also recorded 1,187 deaths Thursday, a nearly 20% jump from the previous week.

New coronavirus cases have spiked in much of the U.S. in recent weeks, raising fears that the long-expected fall/winter surge has begun. Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wisconsin all reported daily records in new cases Thursday.

Heat St

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