DA Drops Charges on Ten Portland Rioters, Including Two Unlawfully Carrying Firearms


Officers and deputies from the ballyhooed Unified Command arrested twelve particular individuals associated with post election night riots in Portland. The terrorists weren’t concerned so much with the Presidential election, but rather vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler’s reelection.

From the official Multnomah County Sheriff’s press release:

Shortly after, a group of about 100 people began walking from the Skidmore Fountain through Downtown Portland, along West Burnside Street, breaking out windows as they moved. As police responded and ordered people to leave, individuals continued leaving a trail of damage. The ongoing criminal activity by such a large group of people created a significant risk to public safety. Unified Command declared the gathering a riot and gave repeated loudspeaker announcements that the crowd was directed to stop their criminal activity and leave. Those announcements were repeated at least five times over loudspeakers near the crowd.

Gateway Pundit

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