Bucks County Ballots Found in Trash, PA Law: Hold Ballots for 22 Months

voter fraud4

[QUAKERTOWN, PA.—Nov. 8, 2020] Project Veritas journalists found eight-to-10 spoiled ballots Thursday set outside a voting site here in trash bags in violation of Pennsylvania and federal law.

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, said, “Our journalists found spoiled ballots that were supposed to be preserved—but, instead were thrown out with the trash.”

O’Keefe said spoiled ballots are supposed to be part of any recount.

“These ballots can’t be part of a recount, because they were tossed out with the garbage,” he said. “Not only were they tossed out, but someone also ripped up the ballots by hand.”

Project Veritas

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