Hallelujah! Indoor Concerts Now ‘Safe’ From COVID After the Election

imagine that shit

There’s a lot of things to miss about the Before Times, and most of them include crowds of people. For music lovers, it’s that unique experience of bonding with complete strangers over art and a little bit of sweat. But will it ever be safe to have them again? A new preprint by German researchers suggests it will, as long as organizers take all of the recommended safety precautions – and attendees follow them. And if you’ve ever been to a concert, you know the caveat is not insignificant. 

A disclaimer: The preprint has not yet been peer reviewed, meaning that the results haven’t been replicated or reviewed, nor the model used in the experiment. But these sorts of studies can help guide future research – and give concertgoers just a touch of hope. 

the Hill

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