Biden’s Lead in Arizona Falls to 19,000 Votes as Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit


On Friday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the battleground state of Arizona stood at 47,000 votes. By Friday night, it had narrowed to 31,000. On Saturday night, it had been whittled down to 18,713 or 0.62 percent of the vote.

According to historian and retired professor Larry Schweikart, there are roughly 200,000 votes left to count. In the tweet below, Schweikart writes that this is “Quite doable, esp at rates they’ve been coming in for Trump.”

He added, “[Baris] Says @govdougducey has done a stellar job in making sure we have a firm count on how many ballots are . . . outstanding, so they can’t keep coming up with “more ballots.” Says Trump should win AZ by 6,000.”


News Outlets Slammed For Calling Arizona For Biden Before All Votes Counted

Arizona AG Launches Investigation into ‘Sharpiegate’ Scandal

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