UConn Shutting Campus Down Over Less Than 1% Coronavirus Positive Rate


The University of Connecticut announced last week that it will shut down its main campus after the Thanksgiving break to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The campus is currently reporting a positivity rate of under one percent.

According to a local news report, the University of Connecticut is shutting down its main campus to mitigate the spread of coronavirus on campus. Less than one percent of the UConn population has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus.

Breitbart News reported in October that students at the State University of New York will be required to test negative for the virus before they are permitted to leave campus for the holiday break. Now, University of Connecticut officials announced this week that they are encouraging students to take a coronavirus test before they travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Students are welcome to get a test and they should,” UConn Dean of Students Eleanor Daugherty. “Go home and let your family know that you are healthy and safe and ready to be back in the family unit.”


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