CCP Continues to Erode Hong Kong’s Autonomy After Killing Protests

hong kong

The CCP is continuing to erode Hong Kong’s autonomy and taking down anyone that opposes the Party. Beijing intends to oust at least four pro-democracy law makers from Hong Kong’s democratically elected legislature this week because they are “not suitable”.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy politicians said they would quit en masse if Beijing moves to disqualify any individual members of the Legislative Council.

The threat to resign comes after a report Monday from HK01 that said China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee was expected to consider disqualifying at least four opposition members from the legislature as it begins a two-day meeting on Tuesday. The gatherings were likely to result in the disqualification of Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki, Kenneth Leung and Alvin Yeung, the news site said, leaving the 70-seat Legislative Council with just 16 opposition lawmakers.


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