NCIS: New Orleans Pushes Mask Propaganda


The new season of NCIS: New Orleans is replete with pro-mask messaging, featuring innumerable scenes where characters are told to wear masks in situations where it’s not even compulsory.

A reader of wrote in to share how the new season of the show goes completely overboard in pushing COVID-19 as a “new plague.”

“Just watched the first episode of the new season of NCIS: New Orleans and a more blatant message that COVID-19 is the new plague couldn’t be put forward.”

“Within the first two minutes the lead character had masked up in the street despite there being no one else around. Within five minutes he was quoting Boris’s “hands face space” – and this is an American show! Numerous times mask-wearing was portrayed as if it was compulsory with nearly every character wearing one. Is this what we’re up against now, television shows being used to promote how dangerous this virus is without any question? No mention of how unproven any of the science or data behind mask wearing is.”


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