RINO Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Announces Illegal Mask Mandate


Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) announced a statewide mask mandate on Tuesday for certain indoor and outdoor activities and gatherings as cases of the Chinese coronavirus spike in the Hawkeye State.

Reynolds announced the implementation of a mask mandate as part of a proclamation aimed to reduce the spread of the Wuhan virus. The proclamation requires proper social distancing at any “social, community, recreational, leisure or sporting gathering” and limits group sizes to eight people, unless the group is “from the same household.”

Any outdoor gatherings that exceed 100 people will be “prohibited” unless individuals in the group wear masks or face coverings. The same rule applies to indoor gathers that exceed 25 participants. The mask mandate, in those situations, applies to everyone over the age of two and permits individuals to remove their masks to eat and drink.

“In addition to these distancing and masking requirements, at an indoor youth sporting or recreational gathering, only two spectators are permitted for each youth athlete,” per the governor’s office.


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