Riots And Looting Have Decimated Small Businesses, Which Lack The Insurance Necessary To Repair


The fallout from this summer’s riots — which saw businesses large and small looted and burned to the ground — continues to be seen, as a new report from The New York Times shines a light on the insurance woes faced by those whose livelihoods were destroyed in the name of racial justice.

For months we have been told that property doesn’t matter and that business owners will recoup their losses thanks to insurance, but as the Times found, this is not the case.

“While large chains like Walmart and Best Buy have excellent insurance, many small businesses that have been burned down since the riots lack similar coverage. And for them, there is no easy way to replace all that they lost,” the outlet reported. “In Kenosha, more than 35 small businesses were completely destroyed, and around 80 have been damaged, according to the city’s business association. Almost all are locally owned and many are underinsured or struggling to manage.”

Daily Wire

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