Sadiq Khan is Full of Shit


Sadiq Khan, the left-wing Mayor of London, had claimed President Trump picked on him purely because of his religion, and that “it’s never been more hard to be a Muslim” because of him.

Mayor Khan made the comments in an interview with the anti-Brexit radio personality James O’Brien, welcoming the media-proclaimed but still contested victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the U.S. elections.

“I don’t know if your listeners who aren’t Muslim realise this, but look, being a Muslim ain’t easy, it isn’t easy,” the Labour politician told O’Brien.

“And it’s never been more hard to be a Muslim than the last four years. Why do I say that? Because you had, for the first time, the leader of the free world, the most powerful man in the world, a mainstream politician, perpetuating a view that Islam and the West are incompatible; perpetuating a view that all of us must be bad or must be terrorists because of the action of a very small minority,” Khan alleged.


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