Trump’s PA Lawsuit a “Superb Piece of Legal Craftsmanship”


A federal complaint filed by the Trump campaign alleging constitutional violations in Pennsylvania is credited as a “superb piece of legal craftsmanship” which could bring the case before the US Supreme Court, according to legal scholar James V. Delong.

Delong’s latest piece in American Thinker discusses why it was a brilliant strategy for the Trump team to file their complaint in federal court, rather than state court.

The gist is that some of the state’s actions, and particularly the exclusion of Republican poll-watchers during the counting of hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, violated federal constitutional requirements.

The federal filing alleging constitutional violations means a conservative-majority SCOTUS could be forced to rule on the matter, quite possibly in Trump’s favor, rather than “a politicized Pennsylvania court” having the last say.


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