Deutsche Bank Proposes COVID Tax For Remote Workers

Portrait of a young Caucasian businessman working from home
Portrait of a handsome young Caucasian man working from home using his laptop, managing his new working environment at home, with his young daughter next to him, trying to help her father and having fun with him

Working from home should be taxed according to a new report by economists at Deutsche Bank.

The German multinational investment lender has proposed using the funds to help support workers whose jobs are under threat.

Their report suggests a tax of 5% could be applied to an employee’s salary if they choose to work from home.

The tax would be paid by employers and used to generate income to support people who cannot work from home.

Deutsche Bank calculates the tax would generate a pot of £6.9bn ($9.2bn) a year in the UK which could be converted into £2,000 ($2,658) a year grants for low-income workers and those under threat of redundancy.

Yahoo UK

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