Leftist Groups Accidentally Prove PA Elections Officials Violated Laws, Judge’s Orders


To combat Trump’s motions to battle the election fraud taking place in Pennsylvania, various different leftist organizations have filed a motion to intervene in the case. As part of this motion, they included several affidavits from various community members. In some of those affidavits, citizens swear that they were contacted by people at the elections office and/or by the democrat party and were informed that there was a problem with their ballot, and they needed to come down to the elections office and cure the problem.

This is in direct defiance of the orders previously given by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which specifically stated that voters are not to be contacted to cure a ballot.

Furthermore, why are voters being contacted by partisan party officials, when it should be elections officials contacting them?

Still another concern is that this is contrary to what the “fact checkers” have told us regarding proper policy and procedure.

the Gateway Pundit

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