MSM Resurrects COVID Fear as Trump Investigates 2020 Election Fraud, Flips States


The end may be near for the pestilence that has haunted the world this year. Good news is arriving on almost every front: treatments, vaccines, and our understanding of this coronavirus.

Pfizer and BioNTech have announced a stunning success rate in their early Phase 3 vaccine trials—if it holds up, it will be a game changer. Treatments have gotten better too. A monoclonal antibody drug—similar to what President Donald Trump and the former Governor Chris Christie received—just earned emergency-use authorization from the FDA. Dexamethasone—a cheap, generic corticosteroid—cut the death rate by a third for severe COVID-19 cases in a clinical trial.

Doctors and nurses have much more expertise in managing cases even in using nonmedical interventions like proning, which can improve patients’ breathing capacity simply by positioning them facedown. Health-care workers are also practicing fortified infection-control protocols, including universal masking in medical settings

the Atlantic

As Election Fraud Blows Up in Dems’ Faces, MSM Resuscitates COVID Fear

Dems Threaten to Extend Lockdowns as Trump Promises to Re-Open Economy

‘Misguided Social Experiment’: Professors Argue to End Lockdown

UK Officials Who Wanted ‘COVID Tax’ Extend Furlough Over Second Lockdown

CDC Claims COVID Causing Rise in Obesity, Not Endless Lockdowns

Open Letter From 100s of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End to Lockdowns

Nursing Home Prison Conditions Now Extended Under Covid Lockdowns

CDC Admits Lockdowns Causing More Suicides Than COVID Deaths

RINO MS Governor ‘Vows’ to ‘Fight’ National Lockdown Despite Locking Down MS

WHO Chief Warns Fighting COVID Agenda is “Dangerous”

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