Ilhan Omar Calls President Trump’s Campaign Rallies “Klan Rallies” (VIDEO)


Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., raised eyebrows on Sunday with her characterization of the Democratic Party as one “big family,” despite the renewed infighting over a spate of losses in the 2020 election that continues to divide moderate Democrats and the party’s more progressive wing.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” over the weekend, Omar said, “When you think about our party, Speaker Pelosi always says we are a big tent, and that means that we are a big family.”

Everybody questions her honor and the fact that she lies wu=ithout a blink of an eye.

Shortly after claiming that the Democrats are, despite all evidence, a united front, Omar claimed that the amplification of these “lies and smears” by some of her liberal colleagues as “shameful.”

“I mean, there are so many lies and smears that the Republicans engage in that have had an impact on races,” Omar said.

“To blame a movement that has shown up for us in the most aggressive way to deliver a decisive victory for President-Elect Biden is really shameful and something that I can’t even believe my Democratic colleagues are doing,” she continued.

But today she went one step further when she called President Trump Rallies a “Klan Rallies.”

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