Wisconsin Charges Trump to Investigate Fraud to Prove it Doesn’t Exist


On Monday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) informed President Trump that it would cost him $7.9 million for a recount of the state’s votes.

The commission also published the recount timeline. Trump has until 5 p.m. on Wednesday to request a recount, which would begin Thursday and be required to finish by December 1. He is permitted to request a recount as he lost the election by roughly six-tenths of a point, and state law permits a recount if a losing candidate is within one point. But candidates must pay for recounts if the margin of difference is more than 0.25 points.

The cost estimate was derived from information submitted by the 72 counties of the state; the total cost was roughly quadruple what the state’s recount cost in 2016. Election officials explained that the higher cost was due to expenses that would be incurred because of COVID19.

Daily Wire

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