Kamala Feeding Biden Classified Info From Her Seat On Intel Committee


Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a press conference Monday, that although he does not receive intelligence briefings because he is not the President, his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is using her placement on the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to obtain classified information.

Speaking in front of a blue background emblazoned with the slogan “Office of the President Elect,” Biden said “And uh, so, it would make it a lot easier if the President were to participate, you have a number of Republicans suggesting that….”

“The good here is that my colleague is still on the Intelligence Committee so she gets the intelligence briefings,” Biden said, turning and smiling in Harris’ direction. “I don’t anymore, so uh, um, uh, that uh, that is, but there’s a number of Republicans calling for that.”

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