CNN “Fact-Check” on Dominion Voting Systems is Hardcore Gaslighting


A CNN Politics article “fact-checking” the latest press conference by President Trump’s legal team included a textbook example of gaslighting.

Touching on a claim by Trump attorney Sidney Powell that Dominion Voting Systems is tied to Venezuela, George Soros and the Clinton Foundation, CNN titled a section of their “fact-checking” crusade “Dominion Voting Systems And Venezuela.”

While claiming the controversial voting machine company has “no corporate ties with Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation or Soros,” the globalist outlet subsequently admitted the company in-fact DOES have ties to all three.

CNN wrote, “Powell claimed that widely used voting machines from the election technology company Dominion Voting Systems featured software created ‘at the direction’ of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to swing his own election results, and that the company has ties to the Clinton Foundation and Soros.”


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