One Million Chinese Receive COVID Vaccines Under ‘Emergency Use’ Designation


As it turns out, the number of Chinese citizens who have received an experimental COVID-19 vaccine is much larger than the West probably realized.

According to SCMP, nearly 1 million Chinese, including troops on peacekeeping missions in coronavirus hotspots, have been given an experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed by the state-owned Sinopharm under the government’s emergency-use scheme.

So much for those international scientific standards: China has officially surpassed Russia in the vaccination race, as public health authorities in both countries are using vaccines that are still undergoing clinical trials. And according to Liu Jingzhen, the chairman of China’s Sinopharm, there has not been a single case of a “serious adverse event” (ie somebody getting seriously ill, or dying, because of the virus) despite the nearly 1 million infections.

Zero Hedge

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