BLM Founder Tells Biden to ‘Abandon Police, Prisons, and Punishment Paradigms’


As the nation tires of the political opportunism and self-centeredness of the Black Lives Matter movement, one of its founders is misreading the movement’s popularity and making demands of the next presidential administration that are so over-the-top they threaten to unravel whatever weave the movement still possesses.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the three co-founders of the Black Lives Matter Inc. organization (BLM) who has described herself as a “trained Marxist,” is prematurely targeting a Biden administration with demands on behalf of Black Lives Matter that are so extreme they have little chance of being taken seriously by legislators or any future administration.

Cullors is calling on Joe Biden, if elected to the presidency, to enact far-Left legislation that would lead to the abolition of police departments and prisons, provide reparations, and implement several other radical proposals.

National File

Black Lives Matter Leader Demands Biden Follow Their Agenda

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