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FL Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Irma

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in the state as rapidly growing Hurricane Irma, now a Category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall later this week.

The state of emergency has been issued for all of Florida’s 67 counties. Scott said that the state would “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” as Irma is expected to hit the state around Friday.

The governor tweeted Monday that he urges “all Floridians to remain vigilant and stay alert to local weather and news and visit today to get prepared.”


Power-tripping Rent-a-Cop Turns Away Harvey Aid

A video featuring a uniformed police officer turning away volunteers who were rescuing Hurricane Harvey flood victims has infuriated the online community.

The video, which has been viewed over 4.6 million times on Facebook, shows an officer shouting at volunteers Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green in Vidor, Texas, where the men were using a monster truck to rescue residents from flood waters.


Philly Police Union Pres. Has Had Enough BLM

After an armed 12-year old was shot by the Philadelphia Police, Black Lives Matter are demanding accountability, but the Union President points to reality.

Protests began in June when Officer Ryan Pownall shot and killed 12-year old David Jones as he was running from the police. According to eye witnesses, the two scuffled and the police officer warned the preteen not to touch his gun, he grabbed it and then began running in the other direction, that’s when Pownall shot him.
This is the second time Pownall has shot a black man while he was running, back in 2010 he shot another man who as carrying an illegal gun he lived, but remains paralyzed.

California to Tax A.I. Replacing Voters Who Wanted Pay Raise


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Security guard Eric Leon watches the Knightscope K5 security robot as it glides through the mall, charming shoppers with its blinking blue and white lights. The brawny automaton records video and sounds alerts. According to its maker, it deters mischief just by making the rounds.

Leon, the all-too-human guard, feels pretty sure that the robot will someday take his job.

“He doesn’t complain,” Leon says. “He’s quiet. No lunch break. He’s starting exactly at 10.”

Even in the technology hotbed stretching from Silicon Valley to San Francisco, a security robot can captivate passers-by. But the K5 is only one of a growing menagerie of automated novelties in a region where you can eat a delivered pizza made via automation and drink beers at a bar served by an airborne robot. This summer, the San Francisco Chronicle published a tech tourism guide listing a dozen or so places where tourists can observe robots and automation in action.

Yet San Francisco is also where workers were the first to embrace mandatory sick leave and fully paid parental leave. Voters approved a $15 hourly minimum wage in 2014, a requirement that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law for the entire state in 2016. And now one official is pushing a statewide “tax” on robots that automate jobs and put people out of work.

It’s too soon to say if the effort will prevail, let alone whether less-progressive jurisdictions might follow suit. The tussle points to the tensions that can flare when people embrace both technological innovation and a strong brand of social consciousness.



Gov’t Aid Doesn’t Work


Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey, including my family and me, appreciate the outpouring of support from across the country. President Donald Trump has even pledged to donate one million dollars to relief efforts. These private donations will be much more valuable than the as much as 100 billion dollars the federal government is expected to spend on relief and recovery. Federal disaster assistance hinders effective recovery efforts, while federal insurance subsidies increase the damage caused by natural disasters.

Federal disaster aid has existed since the early years of the republic. In fact, it was a payment to disaster victims that inspired Davy Crockett’s “Not Yours to Give” speech. However, the early federal role was largely limited to sending checks. The federal government did not become involved in managing disaster relief and recovery until the 20th century. America did not even have a federal agency dedicated solely to disaster relief until 1979, when President Jimmy Carter created the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by executive order. Yet, Americans somehow managed to rebuild after natural disasters before 1979. For example, the people of Galveston, Texas successfully rebuilt the city following a major hurricane that destroyed the city in 1900.

FEMA’s well-documented inefficiencies are the inevitable result of centralizing control over something as complex as disaster recovery in a federal bureaucracy. When I served in Congress, I regularly voted against federal disaster aid for my district. After the votes, I would hear from angry constituents, many of whom would later tell me that after dealing with FEMA they agreed that Texas would be better off without federal “help.”


Brainwashed Anti-Trumpers Associate Nationalism with Nazism



A high school teacher at River Ridge High School in Georgia was filmed kicking two students out of class for wearing “Make America Great Again” shirts, which she compared to wearing a swastika.

The video was obtained by Turning Point News and shared on their social media accounts Saturday. The teacher was identified as Lyn Orletsky. It reportedly happened on Thursday during her math class.

“You cannot wear a swastika to school,” Orletsky can be heard telling her students, “you cannot wear ‘Make America Great Again’ like that.”

“Please go, at least for this class,” she says. “I don’t care what you do in other classes.”

“Wait so both of them have to like flip their shirts inside out because it says Trump on the top?” another student asks.

“Because it says ‘Make America Great Again,'” she responds. “The Neo-Nazis … I’m not saying about Trump, but the slogan.”

This is what math class is like in progressive America.

Information Liberation

Socialism/ Welfare Hurts the Economy


The greatest intellectual accomplishment of the laissez-faire liberal theorists was the recognition of the “hard” and “soft” institutions that are crucial prerequisites of productive accomplishment and material prosperity.

The hard institutions include private property rights, market prices, and sound money. The soft institutions include those that reinforce values such as prudence, thrift, resourcefulness, innovative courage, and respect for success.

However, this accomplishment was accompanied by a proportionately great intellectual error — the belief that these institutions can be safeguarded exclusively by monopolistic apparatus of aggressive violence, commonly known as states. Since states necessarily parasitize on the productive output of market society, the belief that they are necessary for its emergence, let alone that they can remain “minimal” after its emergence, is fatally misguided. On the contrary, it appears perfectly predictable that they will grow in step with the increase in market output.


Wilders Slams Globalists’ Attempt to Usurp Sovereignty Through Migrants


Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands’ second-most popular political party, delivered a speech to a crowd of globalists and technocrats in which he denounced the EU superstate and the on-going Islamization of the European continent.

Wilders was an unlikely guest at the exclusive Ambrosetti Forum, hosted in Italy by the European House, a highly influential think tank.

The Dutch populist, known for his strong opposition to globalism and Islam, held nothing back in a powerful address titled “The Europe We Want.”

“I applaud the fact that you invite someone who does not share your enthusiasm for the European Union. Or your European dream as Euro commissioner Frans Timmermans just called it. To be honest: his dream is my nightmare,” Wilders began. “I believe in a positive future for Europe as a community of independent, sovereign and democratic nations – working together without a supranational political union – a Europe without the European Union.”

Wilders extolled the virtues of the nation state and professed the critical importance of national sovereignty in the protection of a society, its culture, and its people – contrasted with the bullying tactics and reckless policies of unelected, internationalist dictators in Brussels.

“Another extremely important thing the Dutch have achieved over the past centuries were clear and defined borders. Borders are important. Because they protect us and define who and what we are,” Wilders said. “Thanks to our governments who gave away sovereignty we are now no longer in charge of our immigration policy and even our own borders, and the result is devastating.”

“The Dutch have their own identity. And so do the other nations of Europe. But there is NO single European identity.”

“The EU is characterized by cultural relativism and enmity towards patriotism. But patriotism is not a dangerous threat, it is something to be proud of,” he continued. “It means defending a nation’s sovereignty and independence, and not selling it out in shabby compromises to the EU and its bureaucrats.”


Obama Told Trump to “Sustain the Int’l Order” in Ignored Letter


In the Oval Office letter he left for incoming President Donald Trump, Barack Obama told Trump to “sustain the international order,” a message that conflicted with Trump’s “America First” message.

CNN obtained a copy of the letter in which Obama, in his last direct communication with the president, told Trump, “American leadership in this world really is indispensable. It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War, and upon which our own wealth and safety depend.”

Obama made numerous references to the “international order,” which is seen by many conservatives as a euphemism for placing globalist interests above the national interests of the country, during his term in office.

After Obama said he would seek a new “international order” back in 2010, many questioned how much U.S. sovereignty would have to be sacrificed to achieve this agenda.

According to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, Trump has ignored Obama’s advice.

“What’s clear — in the broadest sense — is that Trump has very little interest in “sustain[ing] the international order” as envisioned by Obama. Trump views that order as deleterious to the United States and a core reason why “we never win anymore,” he writes.

Meanwhile, CNN has discovered who is really responsible for bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war over the situation in North Korea.

Is it the mad dictator lobbing missiles over countries and exploding massive nuclear bombs?

No, it’s Trump supporters.