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20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted in Detroit Primary (Video)


An eyewitness told The Kyle Olson Show that as many as 20,000 unverified absentee ballots in Detroit were fed through machines and counted during the August 4 primary.

Cushman said he is concerned about election integrity and signed up to be an observer.

He noted that a car with Ohio license plates was driven into the large facility. Cushman said he did not know what the purpose was, but he suspected “that car was somebody that was delivering ballots. It just seemed a little odd.”

In an affidavit, Cushman recounted several counting tables “had opened ballots with no poll book” to check to see if the individual was authorized to cast that ballot.

That is significant, he said, because the poll book is used to ensure “that name is someone that’s a qualified, real voter.”

In another instance, he “noticed pages being inserted into several poll books.”


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