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UN Forced to Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa


This really should be one of the biggest scandals in public health, but it’s given little attention – mainly because of the high-profile nature of the people and organisations involved.

The United Nations has been forced to admit that a major international vaccine initiative is actually causing the outbreak of the very disease it was supposed to wipe-out.

While international organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO) will regular boast about supposedly ‘eradicating polio’ with vaccines, the opposite seems to be the case. Their decades-long campaign to eradicate polio is now killing scores of innocent young people living in poor countries.

Now it seems that health officials are beginning to admit that their plan to stop ‘wild’ polio is backfiring, as scores children are being paralyzed a deadly strain of the pathogen derived from a live vaccine – causing a virulent of polio to spread.

21st Century Wire

UN Warns: Millions Could Die from Coronavirus in Africa


Africa could see anywhere between 300,000 and 3.3 million deaths due to coronavirus, according to the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

It warned that if the continent does not implement measures to prevent the spread of the virus then total infections could spiral out of control and reach 1.2 billion.

But if intense social distancing measures are implemented, the number of total infections could drop to 122 million by the end of the pandemic.

 The first confirmed COVID-19 case in Africa was reported in Egypt on February 14 and since then there have been more than 18,000 confirmed cases.

Daily Mail

UN to Launch Propaganda Campaign Combating Virus “Misinformation”

UN: Africa Facing ‘Complete Economic Collapse’ Due to Coronavirus

China Joins U.N. Human Rights Group Despite Unleashing Virus On Humanity

Hundreds of Migrants Storm Border of Spanish Enclave in Africa


Hundreds of African migrants stormed the border fence of Melilla, a sovereign Spanish enclave located in Morocco, despite a coronavirus lockdown imposed upon residents of both countries.

Some 260 illegal aliens who mostly hailed from sub-Saharan Africa attempted to penetrate Melilla’s border defenses, making it the largest incursion of its kind since May of 2019, according to local media.

A total of 53 migrants successfully invaded Spanish territory, enabling at least 15 to claim asylum and reap the benefits of lax E.U. immigration policies, while 38 others were rejected and turned over to Moroccan authorities.


UN: Africa Facing ‘Complete Economic Collapse’ Due to Coronavirus


The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns across the African continent could trigger an economic collapse, according to one United Nations (UN) official, who spoke with Associated Press (AP).

Ahunna Eziakonwa, the UN Development Program regional director for Africa, warned that the pandemic would likely result in job losses for millions of people, many of whom are already low-income, have no savings, and have no access to proper healthcare.

“We’ve been through a lot on the continent. Ebola, yes, African governments took a hit, but we have not seen anything like this before,” Eziakonwa said. “The African labor market is driven by imports and exports and with the lockdown everywhere in the world, it means basically that the economy is frozen in place. And with that, of course, all the jobs are gone.”

Zero Hedge

South Africa Struggles to Enforce Quarantine, Social Distancing

UN Announces ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Flights From Africa to Germany


The United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced the “first ever” charter flight bringing migrants directly from Africa to Germany, with more to come.

IOM Ethiopia enthusiastically shared video of 154 Somali ‘refugees’ arriving at the airport in Kassel, Germany, earlier this week.

“It happened! In FIRST EVER UN Migration international chartered flight from Ethiopia, 154 refugees departed from Addis Ababa to Kassel Germany under the German Resettlement program,” the agency wrote. “A second flight is scheduled to depart mid-November with another 220 refugees.”


Somali Parents Sending Their Kids Back to Africa to Escape London Knife Crime


Hundreds of Somali teenagers are being sent back to East Africa by their parents in order to avoid becoming victims of London’s spiraling knife crime epidemic.

One mother told the BBC how her son was stabbed four times in just 17 days in London.

“They damaged his bladder, his kidneys, his liver. He’s got permanent damage,” she said, adding “He was safer there [in Somaliland] than he was here, 100 per cent more safe than in London.”

Another 21-year-old man called Yusuf told mentor Jamal Hassan he moved to Nairobi because he was seeing people get stabbed in London “every other day”.

Islington mayor Rakhia Ismail, a Somali immigrant, says that around 40 per cent of Somali families are sending their children back home.


John Cleese Criticizes Mass Migration

London Independent Encourages Solo Hike Where Women Were Murdered

GLOBALISM: Islamic Attacks in Europe Increased by 725%

GLOBALISM: Let in Terrorists or There Will Be More Terrorist Attacks

Australian Senator Calls For Ban on all “Third World Immigration”


Controversial Australian Senator Fraser Anning has called for a “ban on all Muslim and black African immigration.”

Anning put out the call in a tweet earlier today, adding, “Import the third world, become the third world.”

In a separate tweet, Anning made the point that the vast majority of immigration to Australia is from third world countries while also remarking, “We must end all third word immigration. We never consented to this, and are in no way benefiting.”


Top EU Official Vying to Replace Juncker Admits Plan to Fuse Africa With EU


Europe and Africa are ‘sister continents’ whose destinies are intertwined, claims Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission (EC).

Timmermans, who is vying to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the EC, was recently nominated to lead the Party of European Socialists in next year’s EU Parliament elections.

During an address to party delegates in Lisbon, Portugal, Timmermans laid out his vision for the EU and Africa as co-dependent bodies, drawing parallels to post-World War II reconciliation efforts and the reemergence of European nations from behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union


Macron Walks Back Mass Migration, Tells Migrants to ‘Succeed in Africa’

Political Leaders Attend The July 2018 EU Council Meeting - Day Two

African nations should do more to improve infrastructure for young people of the continent to stem mass migration to Europe, according to French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We need more Africans to succeed in Africa,” Macron said on a visit to the Nigerian capital, Lagos, this week. “Let’s build homes for the African youth in Africa.”

Europe cannot handle the influx of future African migrants because it doesn’t have the infrastructure or the economy to deal with it, Macron said.

“These people, given the magnitude of this wave, cannot be accepted, at least, not all of them,” he added.


“Build a Wall Across Africa, Europe to Keep Out Six Million Waiting Migrants”


The EU must build ‘a thousand of miles of walls’ across Northern Africa and on Europe’s frontiers to halt the tide of more than six million migrants who are queuing up in Africa waiting to get into Europe, says populist independent MEP Janice Atkinson.

Proposing some of the most radical policies put forward by a British politician, Janice says the BBC and mainstream Left-wing media throughout the UK and Europe is encouraged by “NGO people-smugglers” to peddle the “dangerous and disingenuous’ myth that migration numbers are falling.

Voice of Europe