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Salvini Slams Italian Govt’s Plan to Grant Amnesty to 600,000 Illegal Immigrants


Senator Matteo Salvini, the leader of the populist League party in Italy, has slammed Italy’s leftist-establishment government’s plans to grant amnesty to some 600,000 illegal migrants.

According to a report from the Milan-based newspaper Il Giornale, the plan – put forward by Italian Agriculture Minister Teresa Bellanova – would allow the government to issue six-month, renewable residency and work permit to the 600,000 illegal migrants.

Responding to the plan, Salvini took to Twitter, writing: “The government has announced an amnesty for illegal migrants at a time when the number of arrivals has increased by 350 percent. 136 people made landfall on Lampedusa only this evening. Italy as a migrant camp? No, thanks.”

Voice of Europe

French Politicians Call For Illegals Amnesty to “Help Fight Coronavirus”


Over 100 members of the French parliament have signed a declaration demanding that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe give amnesty to all illegal migrants living in France, claiming the move will help to combat the Wuhan coronavirus.

The letter, which was signed by 104 predominantly left-wing MPs such as Socialist Party member Guillaume Garot, calls for President Emmanuel Macron’s government to emulate Portugal, which moved to give amnesty to illegals on March 28th.

The Portuguese government granted illegal migrants and asylum seekers residency rights so that they could access healthcare during the coronavirus outbreak, but did not specify how many illegals would benefit from the decree.


Shock: MSM Admits DACA Recipients Have Criminal Records


Thousands of participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program had prior arrest records, according to statistics released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Saturday.

The DACA program, implemented in 2012 by the Obama administration via executive action, allowed illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children to request a two-year deportation deferment. In 2017, The Trump administration moved to end the program, which has since ceased accepting new applicants but has been kept alive through various legal challenges.

The report by USCIS shows that 79,398 approved DACA recipients, or about ten percent of total DACA recipients, had been arrested since arriving in the U.S. Several thousands of those arrested had committed theft, DUI, assault, battery, or more serious violent and/or sexual offenses.

National Review

Rapper ’21 Savage’ Wants “Automatic Citizenship” For Illegals

21 savage

21 Savage — the rapper who endured his own immigration saga earlier this year — was honored Thursday by the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), where he stated that children who live illegally in America should automatically become citizens.

“When you’re a child, you don’t know what’s going on,” 21 Savage told the Associated Press. “Now, you grow up and got to figure it out. Can’t get a job. Can’t get a license. I’m one of the lucky ones who became successful. It’s a lot of people who can’t.”

Rolling Stone

MSM: Jews See Immigration Detention Centers as “Concentration Camps”


Outside the Donald W Wyatt detention centre in Rhode Island, inmates knocking on walls can be heard from the street.

With the nation engaged in a deep and contentious debate surrounding immigration detention in facilities like these, the smacks were the only way for a call and response with the hundreds of protesters who rallied outside this week:

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“We hear you,” the masses organised on the street chanted back, in between Jewish prayers, song and testimonial to the horrors of the Holocaust that demonstrators worry could be in the beginning stages of a repeat in the United States.

Megaphones and signs in hand, the protesters with the Jewish group Never Again is Now marched on, joining a culture of civil disobedience that has thrived in the United States over the past two years and one with particular resonance in the week of 4 July, the country’s Independence Day. Just metres away, migrants seeking freedom were locked up.


Dems Double Down on Calling Detention Centers “Concentration Camps”

RED ALERT: Federal Court Bars Trump From Protecting US Borders


HOUSTON—A federal judge barred the Trump administration on Monday from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally.

U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar issued a temporary restraining order after hearing arguments in San Francisco. The request was made by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights, which quickly sued after President Trump issued the ban this month in response to the caravans of migrants that have started to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump issued a proclamation on Nov. 9 that said anyone who crossed the southern border would be ineligible for asylum. The regulations, which will remain in place for three months absent a court order, could make it harder for thousands of people who enter the U.S. to avoid deportation.

Heat Street

Globalists Demand Open Borders, Amnesty, Halt of Deportation Program


The latest push by the globalist apparatus includes amnesty for all 12 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the United States and allowing India and China to monopolize the U.S. legal immigration system.

The Brookings Institute’s William Galston — who has called populism the enemy of democracy — and neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol have released a joint policy brief for their The New Center think tank which advocates giving amnesty to illegal aliens and ending the country-caps in the U.S. legal immigration system. the policy brief states:

It is unacceptable to have over 11 million people living illegally in America. But mass deportation is unacceptable too — both morally and logistically. Unauthorized immigrants living the U.S. should be brought out of the shadows and offered a long and rigorous road toward citizenship that depends on maintaining clean criminal records, paying taxes, and meeting several other requirements.

TX Dem Senator Bob O’Rourke Wants Open Borders, Amnesty, Gun Ban, Trump Impeached


Texas Senate candidate Robert O’Rourke is hoping an anti-gun, anti-Trump, open borders agenda will help him win in the deep red state.

O’Rourke, better known by his “Jeb” Bush-like nickname “Beto,” outlined on CBS over the weekend he believes no Americans should be able to purchase AR-15s, one of the most popular hunting rifles in the US.

“I don’t know that we should raise the age for buying an AR-15, I just don’t think we should be selling AR-15s in this country,” Beto told CBS. “That weapon was designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill people as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield. It has no place in our streets, in our schools, in our concerts, in our movie theaters. We should not be selling that to civilians.”


Actress Cynthia Nixon, Running as Dem For NY Gov: ICE Are Terrorists


New York gubernatorial candidate and former “Sex And The City” actress Cynthia Nixon called for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), saying it is a “terrorist organization.”

Nixon was at a church in Manhattan’s Upper West Side Thursday, where an undocumented immigrant is avoiding deportation, when she told NY1 News, “ICE has strayed so far away from its mission. It is supposed to be here to keep Americans safe but what it has turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its own that is terrorizing people who are coming to this country.”

On the same day Nixon labeled ICE terrorists, she called for the agency to be completely abolished while appearing on “The View.”



Leftists Use Crying Immigrant Children to Push Amnesty For Illegals


Liberals outraged over the president’s latest Executive Order putting an end to family separations at the border pressed Trump to go further Wednesday, demanding he end family detentions entirely.

After the president went along with the left’s wishes, open borders proponents at Amnesty International called the latest order, allowing families to be held in detention together during immigration proceedings, a human rights travesty.

EXECUTIVE ORDER IMPRISONS FAMILIES INDEFINITELY,” the London-based Amnesty International baselessly proclaimed on their website.