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Dems Listed as ‘Key Contacts’ in Biden-China Joint Venture

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Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris is listed along with other prominent Democrats as a “key domestic contact” for a Biden family joint venture involving Hunter and Jim Biden in the now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co., according to Fox News.

An email exclusively obtained by Fox News, with the subject line “Phase one domestic contacts/ projects” and dated May 15, 2017, Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, shared a list of “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.”

The email is unrelated to the laptop or hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. –Fox News

Also included are: “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; former Virginia Gov. Terry McCauliffe, among others.”

Zero Hedge

Betray America and Go To Hell (Video)

go to hell

America is faced with a Legion of Doom. Recently, two of its top villains expressed their utter contempt for reason and the basic facts regarding their dangerous power-wielding hypocrisy.

Michigan Governor Whitmer got a reality check when President Trump recently visited her state on a campaign stop. She reacted by playing the victim card for a kidnapping plot where the smoke hasn’t even cleared yet.  And does she have a rational explanation for the “8645” numbers placed indiscriminately behind her.  Everybody knows 86 is the slang term to murder someone while President Trump is our 45th President.

After Whitmer’s draconian emergency pandemic lockdown orders were ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court, Whitmer, no stranger to toying with the upcoming election, vetoed legislation that would stem the tide of voter fraud.


NY Gov Cuomo Admits Lockdowns Are Fear-Based, Not Scientific


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was caught on a leaked audio recording admitting New York City’s response to COVID-19 has been “fear-based.”

Speaking on the phone with a group of Jewish leaders about NYC coronavirus restrictions, the governor frankly said, “This is not a highly nuanced, sophisticated response. This is a fear-driven response.”

“I didn’t propose this you know, it was proposed by the mayor in the city. I’m trying to sharpen it and make it better, but it’s out of fear,” he explained.

“It’s out of fear. People see the number going up. ‘Close everything! Close everything!’ It’s not the best way to do it but it’s a fear-driven response. The virus scares people.”


Cuomo: Trump Will Need an Army to Walk Down the Streets of New York

non grata

Earlier, US President Donald Trump issued a memorandum directing administration officials to review and consider cutting funding to cities which are unable to prevent the establishment of lawless zones.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to Donald Trump‘s intention to cut funding to some cities.

“He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City,” Cuomo said, as quoted by the Fox News. “Forget bodyguards, he’d better have an army if he thinks he’s going to walk down the streets in New York.”

“He is persona non grata in New York City, and I think he knows that, and he’ll never come back to New York, because New Yorkers will never forget how gratuitously mean he has been,” the New York State governor added.


Mark Levin Exposes NY Cover-Up of Gov Cuomo’s Nursing Home Order


BlazeTV host Mark Levin breaks down how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) totally botched his state’s coronavirus response when it comes to some of the most vulnerable people in our society… elderly Americans living in nursing homes.

On top of the poor leadership from the governor, the state of New York deleted the controversial March 25 order requiring nursing homes to accept people who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, after the state deleted the document from their website, the Associated Press reports the current nursing home death toll “could actually be a significant undercount.”


DOJ Requests Nursing Home COVID Data From Four Democrat Governors

Witnesses Convinced Cuomo Is Hiding Number of Nursing Home Deaths

NY Gov Cuomo Blames Nursing Homes For Obeying His COVID Order

NY Admits Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths After Changing Reporting Rules

NY Refused to Send Nursing Home’s COVID-19 Patients to USNS Comfort

DOJ Requests Nursing Home COVID Data From Four Democrat Governors


A recent study revealed 45% of all US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes.

That comes out to over 75,000 Deaths in US Nursing Homes!

That is a bloodbath!!

Only 0.6% of the US population lives in nursing homes but over 45% of the coronavirus deaths were in these centers.

On Wednesday the Department of Justice requested data from four Democrat governors on their orders to send sick COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

Gateway Pundit

Whitmer Accuses Feds of Timing Request of Nursing Home Data With 2020 Election

DoJ Cracks Down on Dem Governors’ COVID orders that “May Have Resulted in Deaths of Elderly Nursing Home Residents”

OUTRAGE: Gov. Cuomo Exempts Celebrities From Quarantine to Attend VMAs


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced he would allow rock stars and celebrities to bypass the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine so that they can perform at the MTV Video Music Awards next week.

In another stunning example of COVID hypocrisy by the Democrats, Cuomo has decided to exempt the music industry’s hottest stars from being quarantined because they’re not regular peasants like the rest of us.

“The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and Citywide Events is working in close coordination with the production to ensure guidelines are being followed,” a City Hall spokesperson said Friday, adding that the NYPD will conduct “compliance checks during the production.”


NY Governor Cuomo Still Falsely Labeling COVID ‘European Virus’ (Video)


CLAIM: At the Democrat National Convention (DNC), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) suggested the Chinese coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, “infected the northeast” from Europe.

VERDICT: False. Federal officials with the State Department and the intelligence community have said evidence is clear that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, before spreading around the world and eventually to the United States.

On Monday evening, during his speech at the DNC, Cuomo labeled the coronavirus “the European virus,” suggesting it arrived from Europe, not China.

“In fact, [the White House] didn’t even see it coming. The European virus infected the northeast while the White House still fixated on China,” Cuomo said. “The virus had been attacking us for months before they even knew it was here.”


Gov. Cuomo Calls Coronavirus The ‘European Virus’ During Presser

Europeans Are Waking Up to Govt Covid Tyranny While Americans Remain Asleep

Cuomo: Nursing Home Policy Criticism Is ‘All Politics’ (Video)


During a press conference on Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) stated that the criticism of his nursing home policies during the coronavirus pandemic is “all politics” and that the issue is being pushed by those who are “politically motivated” at the New York Post and Fox News.

Cuomo responded to a question on the New York Department of Health’s nursing home report and whether he would have an independent investigator do a report by saying, “I don’t believe your characterization is correct. I believe it is a political issue. I think it’s the New York Post. I think it’s Michael Goodwin. I think it’s Bob McManus. I think it’s Fox TV. I think it is all politically motivated. If anybody looked at the facts, they would know that it was wholly absurd on its face. People died in nursing homes. That’s very unfortunate. Just on the top line, we have — we are number 35th in the nation in percentage of deaths in nursing homes. Go talk to 34 other states first. Go talk to the Republican states now, Florida, Texas, Arizona, ask them what is happening in nursing homes. It’s all politics.”


COVID-19 is a Nursing Home Disaster

NY Gov Cuomo Blames Nursing Homes For Obeying His COVID Order

NY Admits Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths After Changing Reporting Rules

NY Refused to Send Nursing Home’s COVID-19 Patients to USNS Comfort

NY Gov Threatened to Put Rep. Clay Higgins, Ted Nugent in Quarantine if They Attended ‘Back the Blue’ Rally


I’m disgusted. I’m embarrassed. My heart is broken for the America that we’ve lost.

This morning, I woke up at 3am. I proudly announced on Fox and Friends First that Law Enforcement Today was proudly joining a number of other groups in taking part in the largest Back the Blue event in America.

Acclaimed keynote speaker Paul Butler and I were going to be the joint Masters of Ceremonies. We had rock and roll legend Ted Nugent flying in for the National Anthem – accompanied by Congressman Clay Higgins, the keynote speaker.

The first wave in the attack came from Facebook. After 6300 people RSVP’d to the event, the page was taken down by the social media giant.

It didn’t come as a surprise. I’m the same guy that just got a lifetime ban from LinkedIn last month for sharing an article about a guy who tried to kill two cops. We are sort of use to it.

But what happened today? Today it became evident just how legitimate the war on law enforcement is.

Congressman Clay Higgins and Ted Nugent are not allowed to attend the event… and that apparently comes directly from Governor Cuomo’s office.

Law Enforcement Today