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Bike Store Cancels Contract With Austin Bike Police After ‘Woke’ Employees Complain

Mellow Johnny’s Bike

A bike store in Austin, Texas has cancelled its contract with the Austin Police bike patrol unit after three ‘woke’ employees complained that the bikes were being used for crowd control during Black Lives Matter protests.

In a Facebook post, Christopher Carlisle explains how for eight years he maintained a contractual relationship with Mellow Johnny’s Bike store in downtown Austin to provide bikes and other equipment for the Down Town Area Command (DTAC) Bike Patrol and the Bicycle Public Order Team.

Now thanks to the last two months of BLM social justice protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, that relationship is apparently over.


Oregon Film Fest Cancels Screening of “Kindergarten Cop” After Complaints it Glorifies Police


An Oregon film festival has reversed its decision to screen the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic “Kindergarten Cop” after people on social media complained it glorifies police.

The 1990 film was set to be shown outdoors at the NW Film Center on August 6 due to it being filmed in Oregon, but after numerous complaints from SJWs on Twitter the event organizer agreed to cancel the screening.

One progressive liberal Portland author whose criticism contributed to the film being pulled, Lois Leveen, claimed the movie, in which an FBI agent poses as a school teacher to nab a drug dealer, traumatizes children and promotes a “school-to-prison pipeline.”

“National reckoning on overpolicing is a weird time to revive ‘Kindergarten Cop.’ IRL, we are trying to end the school-to-prison pipeline,” Leveen wrote on Twitter.


Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Tells Rape Victims Not To Call Cops, Call Therapists Instead (Video)

keith ellison

Minnesota Attorney General and former vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Keith Ellison suggested that women who are victims of sexual assault should contact a therapist instead of calling the police on their assailant.

The Federalist reports that Ellison made the remarks during a Zoom discussion with Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), one of the prospective Democratic vice-presidential candidates.

“If you’re a woman who’s been a victim of a sexual assault, and the assailant ran away, wouldn’t you rather talk to somebody who is trained in helping you deal with what you’re dealing with, as opposed to somebody whose main training is that they know how to use a firearm? Right?” Ellison told Bass.

Ellison has previously himself been involved in a violent altercation with Amy Louise Alexander, a former girlfriend he was having an affair with. Another former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, has accused Ellison of giving her “complex PTSD” through repeated physical abuse. Monahan alleged the abuse took place while Ellison was serving as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

National File

Blue Cities Slash Police Budgets in Move to Abolish Cops


In recent weeks there has been a tremendous amount of debate about whether police departments around the country should be “defunded” or not, but what most Americans don’t realize is that it is already happening on a massive scale. 

At a time when crime rates are absolutely soaring and civil unrest is raging in major cities across the nation, police budgets are being deeply cut and in some cities there is talk of eliminating police departments altogether.

I knew that a few cities had already made moves in this direction, but I had no idea that it was happening on such a widespread basis.

Economic Collapse

Austin City Council Calls for Blowing Up Police Station As Symbol of Ending Police Hate

Minneapolis Police Tell Residents To Surrender To Violent Criminals

Antifa Delivers Flaming Pig’s Head Wearing Police Hat to Portland Justice Center (Video)

flaming pig head

Antifa provocateurs placed a severed pig’s head wearing a police hat atop a US flag and set it on fire in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center in Portland, footage shows.

In video shared by journalist Andy Ngo from Thursday night, the pig’s head can be seen burning outside the Justice Center, as Green Day’s “American Idiot” is heard in the background.

This wasn’t the first time a pig’s head was used by Portland rioters, who are obviously sending a message that they hate police, as well as America as represented by the American flag.


Portland Rioters Laugh at Dead Police: “If One of Them Cops Got Killed, Good”

Footage out of Portland, Oregon shows a pair of rioters laughing at and supporting the thought of federal officers being killed by explosions thrown by “peaceful protesters.”

Captured by Daily Caller chief video director Richie McGinniss, the clip features two “protesters” being asked about explosive devices being thrown at police.

“What would you think if that did blow up around the cops? Like, what if one of the cops died?” McGinniss asked the rioters.

One man responded with a sinister laugh and the other said, “Fuck it! If one of them cops got killed, good.”

Many explosive devices have been launched at police over the past few months of rioting in Portland, but the specific explosion being discussed in the previous video can be seen below.


Google Translate Lists ‘Police Officer’ as the Primary Definition of ‘Demon’


Google Translate, the tech giant’s translation app, listed “a police officer” as the primary definition of “demon.”

The secondary definition of demon, according to the Masters of the Universe in Silicon Valley, is “an evil spirit or devil.”

The web giant removed the definitions altogether after Breitbart News requested comment on the company’s strange definition.


Austin City Council Calls for Blowing Up Police Station As Symbol of Ending Police Hate

austin tx

A radical new budget proposal by the Austin, Texas, City Council calls for a controlled demolition of the police department’s current headquarters in a symbolic gesture towards Black Lives Matter and defund police protesters.

“We should expedite the demolition of the APD Headquarters by directing the City Manager to move all remaining APD staff out of the existing headquarters building and into other underutilized city facilities,” reads the proposal submitted Monday by Council Member Jimmy Flannigan.

The existing APD property, prime real estate situated in the heart of Austin, would then be used to highlight black inequity and support the black community, the proposal states.

“That property… should be dedicated to addressing historic economic inequities in the black community and supporting future black community economic success,” states Flannigan’s proposal. “A community-led effort should be initiated to determine the specifics on how such a valuable property could be leveraged, and possibly serve as a gateway to East Austin.”


Marxist Cries Over Rubber Bullet Wounds after Trying to Burn Down Courthouse


An anarchist protester in Portland showed off multiple rubber bullet wounds which he claimed happened after he was “peacefully protesting” outside the fenced-off Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse.

The Antifa terrorist claimed he was merely banging on the fence chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and “All Cops are Bastards,” “literally just standing there,” a cohort describes, when federal agents shot him.