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New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter


We have bombshell new intel to share with you today that connects some recent dots on the emerging violence (and civil war attempt) from Black Lives Matter, the militant terrorism wing of the Democrat party.

Summary of what you’ll find in this article:

  • Communist China is supplying full auto AR-15 “mods” to Black Lives Matter militants in America, and a shipment was recently interdicted by Customer and Border Protection (CBP).
  • California Gov. Newsom is involved in a trillion-dollar money laundering operation with communist China to keep him in power. He’s funneling taxpayer money to China, and they are laundering it and funneling money back to him. (See Los Angeles Times link below.)
  • Using the laundered money, Gov. Newsom is stockpiling automatic weapons, ammunition and gold in the underground storage complex at 1616 Capitol Ave. in Sacramento, the East End Complex building – block 174. (Sourced from a former employee who worked there.)
  • Gov. Newsom is plotting with China to have communist troops invade America (via California and other states) and to overrun and occupy the United States, turning it over to communist Chinese rule.
  • China’s EMP weapons, developed using technology stolen from the USA, are planned to be the first wave “Pearl Harbor” event that sets it all off. (Official report to the White House, see link below, or visit https://emptaskforce.us ).
  • Obama helped set up a civilian military force using Operation Fast and Furious gun smuggling to arm the narcos. (Full timeline link below.)
  • Those same narcos are now trained by communist Chinese military instructors and are prepared to invade America with the aid of heavy weapons. (DHS sources via Hodges, link below.)
  • The civil war America is facing won’t be lightly-armed “soy boys,” but rather heavily armed, full-auto wielding Black Lives Matter militants, Mexican narco gangs and communist Chinese troops operating under the protection of Gov. Newsom.
  • Hundreds of companies across corporate America are now directly funding or overtly supporting Black Lives Matter terrorists as part of this civil war effort to destroy America. See the full list of 269 companies here.

Natural News

Communist Chinese, Iranian Officials Celebrate Unrest In America

Antifa Member Arrested After Attempting to Topple Jackson Statue Also Reportedly Attacked Jack Posobiec

An Antifa member known online for assaulting and harassing conservative personalities was arrested by federal law enforcement for his role in the attempted destruction of an Andrew Jackson monument near the White House; the accused has reportedly been identified as a “ringleader” in the attempt to destroy the monument.

Jason Charter was arrested on Thursday morning by federal officials and charged with destruction of federal property, according to Fox News.

The FBI’s criminal complaint cites video of the incident and claims Charter can be seen assisting and directing the vandalism, as well as firsthand involvement in the toppling and subsequent burning of a statue of Confederate General Albert Pike in Washington.


BLM/ Antifa Rioter Shoots Driver Trying To Pass Protest (Video)


Shocking video out of Utah shows a Black Lives Matter radical firing a pistol into an SUV attempting to get through the mob blocking the road.

The footage from an intersection in Provo shows the crowd of protesters swarming a white SUV that was trying to drive through the protest before two shots are heard.

The SUV suddenly accelerated, tossing several of the extremists aside as it zoomed across the intersection and sped away.

A slowed-down clip shows a BLM rioter covered in a green balaclava aiming a pistol at the driver from the passenger side and firing a shot into the vehicle.


One Dead, One Wounded in CHOP Shootout (Video)

‘White Supremacist Mass Shooter’ Turns Out to Be Hispanic Homeless Man

Founding Member Of Black Panther Party Destroys BLM/Antifa

black panther

Founding member of the original Black Panther Party, Larry Pinkney, joins The Alex Jones Show to verbally destroy BLM and Antifa.

“If so-called Black Lives Matter really cared, which they do not, but if they really cared, then send them to Chicago! Send them to Detroit! Send them to Baltimore, Philadelphia, these major cities,” Pinkney told Jones during a fiery rant.

The original Black Panther also touched on videos of white people bowing down to black people, saying, “These self-deprecating whites who want to bow down. Bow down? What? Bring back slavery back, only reverse it? No! I believe what Dr. King said. I believe Dr. King made it clear that it’s about the content of one’s character and not the color of their skin!”

“Who are the real racists?” he asked. “Why, they are. Who are the real fascists? They are!”


Amazon Censors ‘Killing Free Speech’ Documentary About Censorship

Amazon has removed the first part of Killing Free Speech, a documentary about the threats to freedom of expression posed by Antifa and its allies in the media and Democrat parties. A second part of the documentary, focused on the power of Big Tech, will shortly be released.

This is the second time that the documentary’s creator, independent Danish-American conservative filmmaker Michael Hansen, has been censored by Amazon. As Breitbart News reported last year, Hansen’s previous documentary, about mass migration and Islam in Europe, was also censored by the Big Tech platform.


FB Bans Trump Ad For Using ANTIFA Symbol


Facebook, the arbiters of everything in the new world order, has banned a political ad by the Trump campaign because it used a symbol connected with ‘organised hate’. Yet, it turns out that symbol is one used all the time by ANTIFA.

The ad used a red triangle pointing downward, which was picked up on by The Washington Post, which linked it to Nazi-ism:

A red inverted triangle was first used in the 1930s to identify Communists, and was applied as well to Social Democrats, liberals, Freemasons and other members of opposition parties. The badge forced on Jewish political prisoners, by contrast, featured a yellow triangle overlaid by a red triangle.

In response to queries from The Washington Post, Facebook on Thursday afternoon deactivated ads that included the inverted red triangle.


Antifa Cedes Half Of CHOP To Seattle In Exchange For Concrete Barriers To Fortify Zone


Seattle has reached a deal with the Antifa terrorists who captured six blocks of the downtown area dubbed “CHOP” to surrender half the “autonomous zone” in exchange for concrete barriers to replace the dilapidated roadblocks marking the “border.”

The Seattle Department of Transportation is installing concrete barriers near the captured East Police Precinct building to allow first responders to come to the area, which would reduce the size of the so-called Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.


Antifa Doc Reveals Organized Warfare Tactics in Siege of Police Precinct


Never underestimate your enemy.

The mainstream media would have us believe that the protests and riots that have swept the nation after the death of George Floyd are spontaneous demonstrations whose large turnouts validate the notion that the ideas they argue for— such as abolishing the police — are widely popular.

The average American does not have a full understanding of how much time and money it takes to pull off mass organization such as the one currently taking place. But at The New American, we have long reported on the vast amount of money and institutional resources being poured into Black Lives Matter and Antifa by global elites such as George Soros.

That these radical insurrectionists are so highly funded, organized, and armed should be a cause for concern among Americans and inspire patriots to greater involvement in the well-being of their local communities.

the New American

Soros-Backed Antifa Terrorists Gearing Up For Major False Flag 2020 Event

$564 Million: Corporate America Floods Social Justice Causes with Cash Amid Floyd Protests

Corporate America Pledges $1.7 Billion to Black Lives Matter

Divide & Conquer: Deep State Fanning Flames of Race War

African American Man Murdered in CHOP Autonomous Zone


A reportedly African American man was killed in a shooting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, with shots recorded at around 2.20 a.m. last night.

A shooting took place earlier this morning as police have entered the “no-cop” zone to launch an investigation into the infamous anarchist commune which sprouted out of the abandonment of a local police precinct during the George Floyd riots in a move intended to quell tensions.

Spent shell casings and police suited up in riot gear were also reported at the autonomous zone’s border, according to The New York Post.

National File

Costumed ‘Superheroes’ Replace Police Within CHAZ (Video)

chaz ‘residents’ Pressure Whites To Give Blacks $10 Each For Reparations

Antifa Member Warns ‘White America’ With More Violence From chaz (Video)

‘CHAZ’ Has a Border Wall, Conducts ‘Deportations’

UN Defends Antifa, Demands U.S. Respect Terror Group


Update: The United Nations has removed its tweet supporting Antifa after 24 hours.

Original story appears below:

The United Nations came to the defense of Antifa, slamming President Trump for labeling the violent far-left group as a terrorist organization because it violates its “right to peaceful assembly.”

The United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland (UNOG) posted Antifa’s flag on its official Twitter account Friday, claiming that a group of “human rights experts” condemned the Trump administration’s decision to classify Antifa as a terrorist group because that violates their First Amendment rights.

“UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country,” the globalist body tweeted.