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BLM/ Antifa Rioter Shoots Driver Trying To Pass Protest (Video)


Shocking video out of Utah shows a Black Lives Matter radical firing a pistol into an SUV attempting to get through the mob blocking the road.

The footage from an intersection in Provo shows the crowd of protesters swarming a white SUV that was trying to drive through the protest before two shots are heard.

The SUV suddenly accelerated, tossing several of the extremists aside as it zoomed across the intersection and sped away.

A slowed-down clip shows a BLM rioter covered in a green balaclava aiming a pistol at the driver from the passenger side and firing a shot into the vehicle.


One Dead, One Wounded in CHOP Shootout (Video)

‘White Supremacist Mass Shooter’ Turns Out to Be Hispanic Homeless Man

Police Say Leftist Lawyer/George Floyd “Protester” Shot Driver In Head (Video)


According to police, a liberal lawyer from Colorado is being charged with attempted murder and assault after he shot a driver in the head while the motorist tried to creep through a line of protesters blocking the road.

A nearby security camera captured the incident on tape.

Obtained by KRDO NewsChannel 13, video shows about a dozen protesters swarm the middle of the street before a truck approaches very slowly and attempts to make its way through the small group.

Despite driving extremely slow, not hitting anyone or even putting any of the protesters in danger, police say attorney James Marshall, 27, pulled out a handgun and shot the driver in the head.


NYPD Officers Shot, Stabbed in Ambush Attack


Two NYPD officers were shot and a third was stabbed during a violent altercation in Brooklyn late Wednesday night amid rage against police across the US.

It’s not clear whether this case is directly related to the protests.

The confrontation with a suspect began after the city’s curfew when he reportedly approached an NYPD police officer and stabbed him in the neck.

Multiple police officers responded to the scene, one of whom drew their pistol, which the suspect then reportedly attempted to take from the cop’s hands. In the ensuing struggle, the firearm went off twice, striking one officer in the hand and another in the arm.

An NYPD sergeant responding to the initial report of violence arrived on the scene and opened fire, critically injuring the suspect. The injured officers were rushed to Kings County Hospital for treatment for their non-life-threatening injuries.


Las Vegas Cop on Life Support After Being Shot in the Head by Rioter


In a night of deadly violence aimed at police officers, a cop in Las Vegas was shot in the head and is now on life support.

Despite George Floyd’s own family calling for an end to violence, multiple cities were again hit by mayhem last night.

A suspect was taken into custody after an LVMPD officer was shot in the head near Circus Circus late last night.

Some of the gunshots can be heard in a livestream from outside the Federal Courthouse at the 02:19:50 mark.


Man Charged With Throwing Child From 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A child was rushed to a hospital Friday morning after reportedly being thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America, and one person has been taken into custody.

A witness at the Bloomington mall told WCCO that a woman was screaming that someone threw her child from the third floor balcony. This was near the southeast corner of the mall.

“She was screaming ‘Everyone pray, everyone pray. Oh my God, my baby, someone threw him over the edge,’” Brian Johnson said.

Bloomington Police reported that the victim was 5 years old.

CBS Minnesota

Germany: Leftist Terrorists Attempt to Murder AFD Chairman Frank Magnitz


Left-wing terrorists attempted to kill the Bremen chairman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in a vicious attack that left the politician fighting for his life.

Frank Magnitz sustained a gaping wound to his head after being attacked by three unknown assailants who were wielding wooden sticks.

The attack, which took place near Bremen’s Goetheplatz on Monday night, was only stopped when a construction worker saw the assault and tried to intervene.