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Trump Tweets Support For Kim Klasick (Video)


Baltimore-based GOP Congressional candidate Kim Klasick gained a national media profile thanks to a viral campaign ad accusing Democrats of failing to revive Baltimore, and encouraging blacks in the city and some surrounding suburbs to try voting Republican for a change.

Klasick’s profile only increased when she was featured as a speaker during the RNC last month.

Now, President Trump has endorsed Klasick with one of his typical endorsements via tweet, while urging Baltimore to “be smart” and reject the pandering Democrats who are unwilling to make the necessary changes to save the city from the twin scourges of crime and drugs.

Zero Hedge

Republican Candidate Exposes Dem Destruction in Baltimore (Video)

Shock Video: Black Man Randomly Knocks Out White Man With Brick

hate crime

Horrific footage out of Baltimore shows a black man hurling a brick at the head of an unsuspecting white man on the street, knocking him unconscious.

The video, reportedly uploaded on Monday with the caption “white lives don’t matter”, shows the black man sneaking up behind the white man and bashing in his head with a brick, knocking him unconscious as he keels over in the sidewalk.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram initially determined the violent hate crime video did not go against its Community Standards.


Republican Candidate Exposes Dem Destruction in Baltimore (Video)


A pro-Trump Republican Congressional Nominee in MD-District 7 named Kimberly Klacik has dropped one of 2020’s best political advertisements.

Klacik begins her video by proving the current leaders of Baltimore don’t actually care about black lives.

“Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this,” she says while strolling down a dilapidated city street.

“This is the reality for black people every single day. Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime,” Kimberly explains while giving a tour of the crumbling neighborhood.


City Council Passes Resolution Requesting November Election be Mail-In

mail in

Changing Gov. Larry Hogan’s election plan was the goal behind a resolution voted on at Monday’s Baltimore City Council meeting.

Resolutions aren’t typically introduced and adopted on the same night, but the election is less than four months out. Council members say a mail-in election is the only safe and responsible way to proceed.

When voters choose their candidates in November, Baltimore City Council members want it to be primarily by mail.

The council passed a resolution Monday requesting “that Gov. Hogan make the November election a ‘mail-in’ election with the option of Election Day in-person voting, rather than a regular in-person election.”


Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Defends Her Frequent Travels (Video)


Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has gone on 23 trips during 2018 and 2019, according to financial disclosure statements filed with the Maryland State Ethics Commission.

The story was first reported by Baltimore Brew.

Baltimore’s top prosecutor defended the amount of traveling she’s done, which includes trips to Germany, Portugal and Kenya.

She has also set up a travel agency, but said she is not running it and has no plans to do so while she is State’s Attorney.

Fox Baltimore

13 Baltimore City High Schools, Zero Students Proficient in Math


An alarming discovery coming out of City Schools. Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state testing data and found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math.

But that’s not all we found. In the midst of that troubling number, there are some bright spots.

Most mornings, at Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys, start the same way – with students chanting the school’s motto in the gym.

“There’s an urgency about the work we’re doing,” said Jack Pannell, the school’s founder.

Fox News 5

‘Historic’ Drop in Math, Reading Scores Since Adoption of Common Core

Baltimore Mob Pulls Down Columbus Statue and Slings it in Harbor (Video)


A statue of Christopher Columbus that has stood in the Little Italy neighborhood of Baltimore for 36 years was torn down by a mob Sunday and thrown into the nearby harbor.

The Baltimore Sun noted that the Columbus statue has traditionally been used as the site of a wreath-laying ceremony ahead of the Columbus Day parade, an annual event which was last year replaced by a ‘Italian Heritage Festival.’

The newspaper also reported that activists last month had asked Gov. Larry Hogan and Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young to preserve and protect the memorials in Baltimore in the wake of threats to pull them down by BLM agitators.


Police Search Home of Student After BB Gun Spotted During Online Class

bb gun

Outrage online is palpable as a Baltimore mother is sounding the alarm about webcam classes, after a teacher took a screenshot of her son’s bedroom and shared it with police.

Courtney Lancaster Sperry, a Navy veteran of four years, was shocked when police arrived at her doorstep unannounced last month, asking to search her home and speak to her 11-year-old son.

The incident has sparked outrage across Twitter and Facebook, as many called for the school administrators to be fired for “spying on kids,” while others want the police officers to be fired for conducting a warrantless search of private property over a frivolous claim. Sperry herself was also criticized for entertaining the invasion of privacy in the first place.


Democrat Mayor of Baltimore Tells Trump He’s Not Welcome There


The mayor of Baltimore is asking President Donald Trump to stay home ahead of a planned trip to Fort McHenry for Memorial Day, calling it “not a smart thing to do” as the city remains on lockdown over the coronavirus.

“That President Trump is deciding to pursue non-essential travel sends the wrong message to our residents, many of whom have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 virus,” Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young said in a statement Thursday.

Trump is scheduled on Monday to visit the city’s Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, which has been closed to all visitors since late March due to the coronavirus. While Maryland began phasing out its statewide “stay-at-home” order last week, the city of Baltimore’s is still in place. Young told CNN on Friday he got no heads-up about Trump’s visit.

USA Today

Baltimore Pastor Rips City’s Cease and Desist Order (Video)


A pastor in Baltimore ripped up the city’s cease and desist letter mandating his church stop conducting in-person services or face a steep fine.

On Wednesday, Calvary Baptist Church pastor Stacey Shiflett preached to his congregation passionately rejecting Baltimore County’s orders, prior to tearing up the city’s letter.

“News flash: Pharoah doesn’t get to dictate to God’s people how they worship their God,” Shiflett told church members. “God’s the one that defines the parameters.”

Pastor Shiflett went on to remark churches during this time should be holding more services, not less.


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