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Google Accused of Spying on Its Own Employees Who Tried to Unionize


Google unlawfully surveilled and then terminated employees who were involved in organizing fellow workers, a US government labor board has alleged, after a year-long investigation.

In a complaint filed against Google and its parent company Alphabet, the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accused the Silicon Valley giant of “interfering with, restraining and coercing employees” who attempted to improve their workplace conditions. 

According to the NLRB, Google illegally spied on employees who tried to unionize, ultimately firing several of them. The company also prevented staff from sharing work-related grievances on Google’s internal communication tool. If true, the allegations would amount to a serious breach of federal labor law. 

The labor agency said it anticipates a response to its complaint from Google by mid-December, and plans to hold a hearing on the case in April next year. 


BETRAYAL: GOP Passes ‘America Last’ Green Card Giveaway For Big Tech

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The GOP-controlled Senate stabbed their voters in the back on Wednesday by passing Utah Senator Mike Lee’s green card giveaway to reward Big Tech by allowing them to import hundreds of thousands of Indian workers to take jobs from struggling American tech workers.

The bill failed earlier this year but Lee brought it back and the GOP-controlled Senate just passed it with unanimous consent — right before the election in Georgia which will determine whether the GOP holds on to the Senate.

America First patriots were urging folks to call their senators on Wednesday and demand they object to the bill.

It would only have taken one senator to force a debate or force a vote on the bill.

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It’s Time to Terminate Section 230

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President Trump has called for the immediate termination of Big Tech’s Section 230 liability protections for reasons of “national security.”

President Trump posted to Twitter late Thursday evening his call for the “immediate” termination of Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act, declaring that the liability protections of Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter should be stripped for “purposes of national security.”

Currently, Big Tech companies claim they act as a neutral platform, meaning that they receive certain protections from what people post on their site under Section 230, which gives them a “liability shield.” However, given that they have engaged in the censorship of conservatives, they act more like a publisher, who is more liable for what is on their site.

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Directly After Big Tech Political Theater Hearing, Censorship Continues

Missouri Senator Calls For Congress to Take Away Big Tech’s Special Immunity

Big Tech Openly Censors Rittenhouse Support, Including His Attorneys

DOJ Announces Proposals To Strip Section 230 Immunity From Big Tech

TX Congressman Introduced Bill to Remove Liability Protections For Biased Social Media Companies

Twitter Says it Will Make Biden ‘POTUS,’ Regardless of Election Outcome

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Twitter announced over the weekend that it intends to make Joe Biden ‘@POTUS’ next year regardless of the actual outcome of the election.

The platform announced that it is “actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021.”

The accounts Twitter says it will hand over to Biden also include @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS, as well as several other handles that related to official government positions.

Twitter also announced that its representatives will be meeting with members of Biden’s ‘transition team’ in the coming weeks to discuss the hand over.


ICE Twitter Account Back Up After Being Removed Due to ‘Technical Glitch’


The Twitter account for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was removed then placed back on the social media platform Thursday after a “technical glitch” was resolved.

At some point Thursday, the @ICEgov account appeared to have disappeared from Twitter. The disappearance of the account for the federal agency, which has been the subject of polarizing political debates, got lots of response Thursday afternoon. Matt Ford, a reporter with The New Republic, tweeted that the account had disappeared about 12:18 p.m.

Immigration enforcement is the primary purpose of ICE, and the agency enforces “400 federal statutes and focuses on smart immigration enforcement, preventing terrorism and combating the illegal movement of people and goods,” according to the website. Some critics have disputed the efforts to enforce immigration laws as an affront to human rights for the thousands who are being detained at the more than 130 facilities across the U.S.


Social Media Censoring Questions of US Election Integrity


Social media is clamping down on posts questioning US election results’ “integrity,” despite troubling anomalies. Yet questioning election integrity defined the establishment narrative for four years of relentless Russiagating.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube’s crackdown on speculation about voter fraud, “election meddling,” and other “information intended to undermine public confidence in an election or other civic process” (as Twitter put it) represents a stunning about-face from the way they fostered – even bolstered – speculation about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 vote.

In what is perhaps the ultimate irony, the current level of election meddling by the social media establishment – which outstrips anything the troll farm Internet Research Agency pulled off in 2016 by several orders of magnitude – would be impossible without the hysteria ginned up on these platforms by journalists casting doubt over the integrity of that year’s election. If not for four years of Russiagate, social media platforms would never have gotten away with choking off the flow of information about 2020’s election on the level they are.


Twitter Will No Longer Treat Trump’s Account With ‘Special Protections’

Half of Trump’s Tweets Since Election Day Flagged as Misleading by Twitter

Project Veritas: Twitter Censors Video Proving USPS Voter Fraud

Babylon Bee Mocks Twitter For Censoring Trump on Election Night

Twitter to Label Tweets With ‘Premature Election Claims’

Twitter Censors Trump Again, Spams Users With New Orwellian Warnings

18 Out of 20 Members on Facebook’s Fact-Checking Board Have Ties to Soros

FB Preparing Massive Censorship to Stop Trump From Getting Re-Elected

FB ‘Surpreme Court’ Announces Appeals Process for Censored Content

Twitter Will No Longer Treat Trump’s Account With ‘Special Protections’


Twitter has confirmed that President Donald Trump will no longer receive “special protections” beginning on January 20th at 12:01 p.m. if he does not win the election.

The platform has already been censoring the president and his supporters for years, but is now promising even more censorship if he does not fall in line.

Twitter claims to have a policy in which they allow tweets from world leaders that would otherwise be censored from normal civilians. On Thursday, they confirmed to Bloomberg News that former leaders do not have the same protections.

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Half of Trump’s Tweets Since Election Day Flagged as Misleading by Twitter

Project Veritas: Twitter Censors Video Proving USPS Voter Fraud

Twitter to Label Tweets With ‘Premature Election Claims’

Twitter to Label Tweets With ‘Premature Election Claims’


Social media giant Twitter said Monday it will put warning labels on tweets from U.S. election candidates that claim victory ahead of official results.  

In a blog post Monday, the company said an election win must be “authoritatively called” before tweets without warning labels will be allowed by candidates or campaigns.  

To determine election results, Twitter said it would require an announcement from state election officials or a “public projection from at least two authoritative national news outlets that make independent election calls,” citing examples that included ABC News, The Associated Press, CNN and Fox News. 

Tuesday’s U.S. election has a record number of early votes, which election officials say could slow down the vote count in some states. Because of this, it is possible that a winner in the presidential race, along with some state and local races, will not be known on election night.  

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DHS Chiefs: Tech Censorship, Cancel Culture a National Security Threat


The Deputy Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security warned Monday that the actions of tech companies in censoring opinions they do not agree with constitutes  a “grave threat to national security.”

Ken Cuccinelli pointed to Twitter’s decision last week to suspend the account of Mark Morgan, the DHS’s border chief after he posted a message declaring “the border wall can stop gang members and murderers.”

Cuccinelli also highlighted the fact that another social media platform, Hootsuite, severed ties with ICE two months ago after woke employees kicked up a fuss.

“Big Tech would rather see Americans victimized than admit they were wrong,” The Washington Times quoted Cuccinelli as saying.


FB to Censor Trump From Declaring Victory on Election Night!

FB Preparing Massive Censorship to Stop Trump From Getting Re-Elected

Chinese Nationals Writing Censorship Algorithms For FB

Fearing Cancellation, Some Withdraw Signatures From Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture

150 Top Intellectuals Sign Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture

Liberal Mob Cancel Culture Spirals Out of Control (Video)

Missouri Senator Calls For Congress to Take Away Big Tech’s Special Immunity


Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) appeared on Wednesday night’s edition of the Fox News television program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the rampant censorship of any information or free speech that does not align with the left-wing values of Silicon Valley tech monopolies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

“We learned today that the tech companies are gonna keep doing this, they’re gonna keep censoring conservatives, they’re gonna keep putting their thumb on the scale for the Biden campaign as long as Congress lets them,” Hawley said in reference to Wednesday’s mostly symbolic congressional hearings on tech censorship.

“It’s that simple Tucker, they think they can get away with it, they’re totally unrepentant, Congress needs to take action on this,” Hawley continued. “I’m glad we’re talking about it, that’s fine, The time for talk really has passed. It’s time for Congress to legislate. Take away the special immunity that these tech companies get for this censorship.”

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