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Big Tech Openly Censors Rittenhouse Support, Including His Attorneys

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Facebook and Twitter have declared that Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who defended himself against three rioting goons in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is guilty of “mass murder.”

Though video and court records clearly show that Rittenhouse shot and killed two criminals and wounded a third, the two social-media behemoths have said users cannot defend Rittenhouse or even show video that depicts him in a favorable light and does not show the shootings.

The users in this case are Rittenhouse’s attorney, John Pierce, and conservative commentator Mark Dice.

Facebook and Twitter claim their posts defending Rittenhouse violate policies that forbid praising or glorifying “mass murder.”

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FB Bans Support of Kyle Rittenhouse

Twitter Locks Out Kyle Rittenhouse Lawyer For ‘Violating Rules’

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Pinterest Cancels Huge SF Office Lease, Citing Work-From-Home Shift


Pinterest terminated a massive 490,000-square-foot lease at San Francisco’s unbuilt 88 Bluxome project, citing a shift toward more remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company will instead continue leasing four existing San Francisco offices, including 651 Brannan St., and pay a one-time fee of $89.5 million to cancel the Bluxome lease. The cancellation is the strongest sign yet of how the coronavirus is reducing the tech sector’s once-voracious appetite for office space.

“As we analyze how our workplace will change in a post-COVID world, we are specifically rethinking where future employees could be based,” said Todd Morgenfeld, Pinterest’s chief financial officer, in a statement. “A more distributed workforce will give us the opportunity to hire people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.”


Fb Holds Daily Meetings For Contingency Plans After Deep State Steals Election


Facebook insiders told the New York Times the social media company, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is holding daily meetings to lay out contingency plans and post-election strategies.

Mostly, as the Times subheadline reads, “The world’s biggest social network is working out what steps to take should President Trump use its platform to dispute the vote.”

Mainstream media has been promoting a theory that President Trump will not accept the results of the election, most likely because they intend on stealing it from him.

Due to this fear of POTUS “interfering once the vote is over,” Zuckerberg and some of his lieutenants have begun daily meetings to examine all of the possible scenarios.

NYT reports, “Employees at the Silicon Valley company are laying out contingency plans and walking through postelection scenarios that include attempts by Mr. Trump or his campaign to use the platform to delegitimize the results, people with knowledge of Facebook’s plans said.”

One of the newspaper’s sources said, “Facebook is preparing steps to take should Mr. Trump wrongly claim on the site that he won another four-year term.”


CA to Force Big Tech into Data Mining Transparency

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While navigating a mammoth advertiser boycott and potential federal antitrust charges, Facebook Inc.’s chief financial officer may be most concerned about California’s strict new privacy law.

The California Consumer Protection Act, or CCPA, is considered the nation’s first true data-privacy law and among the strongest aimed at the digital economy. Consumer advocates say it could usher in more state laws that hold the likes of Facebook Inc. FB, -0.74% and Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL, -0.04% GOOG, -0.08% Google more accountable for how they monetize the data of billions of people world-wide.

The CCPA officially became California law on Jan. 1, and began being enforced by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on July 1 after a six-month grace period. When asked about it near the end of the company’s earnings conference call last month, Chief Financial Officer David Wehner launched into a long discourse about its impact on advertising, the lifeblood of Facebook.

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FB Caves to Leftists, Promises to Censor President Ahead of Election

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Facebook is ready to censor President Trump at a moment’s notice, the company’s chief operating officer said Tuesday.

With only 75 days til the election, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says, while it hasn’t happened yet, any post by Trump deemed to be misinformation or hate speech could be moderated and removed from the platform with over 2.5 billion users.

“Well, when the president violates our hate speech standards or gives false information about voter suppression or coronavirus, it comes down,” Sandberg told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell when asked if the company would “be more aggressive about monitoring the president’s speech”.

The president has significant reach thanks to his platform on Facebook, with over 30.7 million users following him. Contrast that to Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden, with a paltry 2.6 million followers.


‘Stop 2020 From Becoming 1984’: Fortnite Developer Sues Apple, Google


The company behind Fortnite has all but declared war on big tech after the game was pulled from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, thanks to a recent update that skirted mandatory fees for in-app payments.

The popular title was scrubbed from the App Store following a major update on Thursday, which allowed players to make direct payments to Fortnite developer Epic Games, circumventing a 30 percent fee required on the platform. In response, Epic has sued Apple, accusing the company of “anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices.”

“Apple has blocked Fortnite from the App Store, removing everyone’s ability to install and update the game on iOS devices,” Epic said in a statement, adding that the tech giant is “keeping prices high so they can collect 30 percent of your payments, and is blocking Fortnite in order to prevent Epic from passing on the savings” to consumers.


FB Banned Stereotypes of Jews ‘Controlling the Media and Economy’


This week, Big Tech giant Facebook added yet another section to its “Community Standards” list of banned speech, which has long since taken on a length and scope of biblical proportions.

The protected classes which received an extra layer of insulation from criticism this week were black people and Jewish people.

Left-wing organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League had been agitating for the increased speech restrictions for several months, going as far as to try to mass boycott Facebook’s advertisers until all speech they disagreed with was purged from the platform.

Facebook’s new section in what it calls the “Tier 1” of “hate speech” bans stereotypes that reference “Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government.”

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YouTube Will Ban Videos that Could ‘Interfere with the Election’


YouTube has announced new updates to its policies relating to videos containing information obtained through hacking and other content that may “interfere” with upcoming U.S. elections.

CNET reports that Google’s video-sharing platform YouTube has announced new updates to its policies relating to deceptive content on its platform as it aims to prevent the spread of information that could “interfere” with the upcoming U.S. elections.

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform with more than 2 billion users a month, it will now reportedly begin banning videos containing information that was obtained through hacking and could affect elections or censuses. This leads many to question whether information obtained from sources such as WikiLeaks is allowed on the platform.


See the Report Censored by Youtube Under U.N. Orders


YouTube has removed a viral video that cited mainstream media reports to debunk the COVID-19 hysteria, claiming it violated a policy prohibiting content from disputing the United Nations’ World Health Organization.

Despite citing mainstream articles featured in The New York Times and Forbes, YouTube claimed the August 10 report, produced by Infowars reporter Greg Reese, ran afoul of a policy restricting content questioning health authorities.