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Judge REVERSES Order AGAIN, GA Officials Cannot Wipe/Reset Voting Machines

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Update 2: In yet another reversal, federal Judge Thomas Batten has again issued a revised order barring Georgia officials from wiping or resetting the state’s voting machines for up to 10 days in three counties: Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee.

Read the THIRD order:


GA Gov’t Lawyers Claim “Trade Secrets” of Voting Machines Must Be Kept

Mysterious Metal Monolith Discovered in Remote Area of Utah Desert


UPDATE:4chan has discovered the location of the Utah monolith. It sat there for over 4 years unnoticed.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, a mysterious Space Odyssey-style metal monolith has been discovered in a remote area of the Utah desert.

While state workers were counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter, they spotted something out of place – a 12 feet tall metal monolith that had been installed in a secluded area of rock.

The Utah Department of Public Safety said the object was found in a “very remote” area of the desert, deliberately withholding its location to prevent people from attempting to visit.

“It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on federally managed public lands, no matter what planet you’re from,” said the department’s statement.


NYT Claims Trump is Inserting Typos Into His Tweets as Secret “Code”

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A New York Times opinion piece claims that President Trump is deliberately inserting typos into his tweets in order to send a secret “code” to his supporters.

Remind me, who are the conspiracy theorists again?

“One of Trump’s tweets looked like it had a typo. In fact, it was probably code to his most extreme supporters,” tweeted the NYT, with a link to the article by Emily Dreyfuss.

The article claims that Trump’s mistakes in his tweets are “strategic” dog whistles to his “network of right-wing operatives and activists.”


Hey ‘Foreign Policy,’ What is a ‘Washington Brain Trust’?


National security professionals across U.S. government agencies fear an exodus of senior experts from government if Donald Trump is elected to a second term, according to a dozen current and former officials across multiple agencies, who said that the president’s disdain of government expertise and political attacks on seasoned diplomats could spark a massive brain drain.

During his four years in the White House, Trump has drawn fire for dismissing or undermining senior intelligence and law enforcement officials dealing with Russia, ignoring top government health experts on the response to the coronavirus pandemic, and shutting out career diplomats from decisions on foreign policy.

Already, Trump has vowed to fire more senior government officials if he is reelected, including CIA Director Gina Haspel, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert on infectious diseases, who has been at the forefront of the U.S. response to the pandemic—and who rendered a scathing judgment of the administration’s failed response in a Washington Post interview last week.

Foreign Policy

WTF: Biden Campaign Sends Kamala Body Double to Florida


The Biden/Harris campaign is accused of sending a body double of Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris to a campaign event in Florida on Sunday.

The claims came after journalist and congressional candidate for Florida’s 21st District Laura Loomer filmed the alleged body double arriving at the Lantana Branch Library in Palm Beach for a meet and greet with voters.

“That’s not Kamala Harris. Doesn’t even look like her,” Loomer says, describing the person who’s wearing Kamala’s trademark pant suit and a face mask.

Following the event, Loomer pursued the body double and two people who appeared to be fake Secret Service agents escorting her to a limo.


BIZARRE: Biden Praised Hitler in Latest Debate (Video)

hitler boy

During the final presidential debate Thursday night, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed that the United States “had a good relationship with Hitler before he in fact invaded Europe.”

Biden appeared to be attempting to make a larger point about President Trump’s working relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, though in context it left many observers scratching their heads.

Though public sentiment in pre-WWII America was strongly opposed to any entanglement in European affairs, particularly following the bloodbath of World War I, there was an overriding antipathy for Hitler and his Nazi party within the United States.


FB ‘Surpreme Court’ Announces Appeals Process for Censored Content

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Facebook’s Oversight Board, often referred to as the platform’s “supreme court,” has announced a new process that would allow users to escalate content removal appeals directly to the Oversight Board if they feel that their posts have been removed unfairly.

In a recent announcement, Facebook’s Oversight Board announced that users that have exhausted the content removal appeals processes of Facebook and Instagram can escalate their complaints directly to the Oversight Board. Facebook itself can now also refer cases to the Oversight Board for a decision on whether or not to allow it on the platform.


18 Out of 20 Members on Facebook’s Fact-Checking Board Have Ties to Soros

Congressman Matt Gaetz Files Criminal Referral Against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

UK Thought Police Pay Man Home Visit Over “Offensive” Facebook Comments (Video)

Facebook Censorship Council Includes Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Activist

Birds Are Dropping Dead in New Mexico and Nobody Knows Why


Wildlife experts in New Mexico say birds in the region are dropping dead in alarming numbers, potentially in the “hundreds of thousands.”

“It appears to be an unprecedented and a very large number,” Martha Desmond, a professor at New Mexico State University’s department of fish, wildlife, and conservation ecology, told NBC’s Albuquerque affiliate KOB.

New Mexico residents have reported coming upon dead birds on hiking trails, missile ranges, and other locations.

In a video posted by Las Cruces Sun News, journalist Austin Fisher shows a cluster of dead birds he discovered while on a hike on September 13 in the state’s northern Rio Arriba County.

“I have no idea,” Fisher says in the video, as he pans the camera to reveal what appears to be dozens of birds laying dead on the ground.

USA Today

Cringe: Dead Parkland Student Brought Back to Life in Deep Fake Anti-Gun Ad


A student who died during the Parkland school shooting in 2018 has been brought back to life, appearing in a new voter turnout ad produced by a gun control group.

In the bizarre anti-gun ad from Change the Ref, the parents of 17-year-old Joaquin Oliver introduce a video in which their son, nicknamed “Guac,” is digitally recreated with deep fake technology.

Guac goes on to tell people to go out and vote in his name for pro-gun control candidates – politicians who are typically liberal Democrats.

“Yo, It’s me—it’s Guac,” the CGI animation states.

“I’ve been gone for two years and nothing’s changed, bro. People are still getting killed by guns. Everyone knows it, but they don’t do anything. I’m tired of waiting for someone to fix it,” says the deceased student.


Jerry Nadler Loses His Balance, Awkwardly Shuffles Away as Pelosi Gives Presser (VIDEO)


What is wrong with Congressman Jerrold Nadler? Perhaps a foot injury?

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) on Wednesday appeared to lose his balance before awkwardly shuffling away from the lectern as Speaker Pelosi gave a presser.

Nadler put his bare hand on the shared podium to stabilize himself before limping and shuffling away.

Gateway Pundit