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London Guardian Praises Merkel’s Disastrous Open Border “Gamble”


Mohammad Hallak found the key to unlock the mysteries of his new homeland when he realised you could switch the subtitles on your Netflix account to German. The 21-year-old Syrian from Aleppo jotted down words he didn’t know, increased his vocabulary and quickly became fluent. Last year, he passed his end of high school exams with a grade of 1.5, the top mark in his year group.

Five years to the month after arriving in Germany as an unaccompanied minor, Hallak is now in his third term studying computer science at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences and harbours an aspiration to become an IT entrepreneur. “Germany was always my goal”, he says, in the mumbled sing-song of the Ruhr valley dialect. “I’ve always had a funny feeling that I belong here.”

Hallak, an exceptionally motivated student with high social aptitude, is not representative of all the 1.7 million people who applied for asylum in Germany between 2015 and 2019, making it the country with the fifth highest population of refugees in the world. Some of those with whom he trekked through Turkey and across the Mediterranean, he says, haven’t picked up more than a few words and “just chill”.

Merkel has no regrets over Flooding Germany With Violent Migrants

Farage Warns: Migrant Surge on English Channel “Even Worse Than We Thought”


Brexit architect Nigel Farage has warned that the truth about a record-setting surge of illegal migrants pouring across the English Channel is “even worse that we thought.”

At least 550 illegal aliens have reportedly landed on British shores since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in the U.K. on March 23.

Those are only the ‘official figures,’ and despite the number of migrants crossing the Channel in April setting a new one-month record, the true total is likely even higher.

“I think what’s happening, is boats are coming in here… under cover of darkness, and they’re able to not just unload the crew, but get the boats off on trailers, as well,” Farage said during a report from the beach at Pett Level, England.


Migrant Channel Crossings Hits New Record Despite UK Lockdown

Record Number of Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

Migrants Pouring Across English Channel Phone Police For Rescue

Migration Accounted For 73 Percent of Sweden’s 2019 Population Growth


Sweden saw a population increase of nearly 100,000 people in 2019, with migration accounting for 73 percent of the growth, according to a new report.

Numbers compiled by government agency Statistics Sweden found the Scandinavian nation’s population has surged in the past decade, reaching 10,327,589 – up nearly one million since 2009.

“The population of Sweden is increasing at the moment, in part, because more people are born than are dying, but above all, immigration is greater than emigration. About 73 percent of the population increase is explained by migration,” the agency explained.


EU Doubling Size of Asylum Support Office

Swedish Church to Replace LGBT Eden Painting with Jesus in High Heels Art

‘Role Play’: Swedish School Forces Pupils to Recite Muslim Prayer in Arabic

Swedish Govt Crime Statistics Will be Censored to Protect Violent Migrants

Sweden is Officially Breeding Out its Own People Through Migrants

UN Demands Countries Take in More Migrants, Praises Germany


The UN has described rising numbers of people fleeing their homes, saying more must be done to “shoulder this responsibility.”

Germany has been dubbed a “front-runner in refugee protection” for its multilayered approach.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday urged governments to rise to the task of protecting refugees across the globe amid a growing number of people fleeing their homes for safety.


100 Mayors Ask Trump to Bring in More Refugees For “Cultural Diversity”

Migration Report Purged After Expert Clarifies Numbers Were Under Obama

Belgian City’s Migrant Population Nearly Doubles


The number of migrants currently residing in Ghent, Belgium, has nearly doubled in just four years, according to local media.

More than 3,000 ‘refugees’ are spread out across the city’s asylum facilities, which are full to overflowing.

“Most newcomers are Afghans, Syrians and Somalis,” SCEPTR reports. “Together, these three nationalities make up around 60 percent of all refugees. More than 75 percent of the refugees are men.”

Despite the increasing flow of migrants, Ghent officials claim the city can handle the influx and that there is little opposition from citizens.


Belgium to Open Asylum Center Packed With ‘Young Men,’ Concerning Citizens

‘Peaceful’ Syrian Refugee in Belgium Tests Bombs in Back Yard For “Fishing”

Leader of the Islam Party in Belgium Ignored Women During Live TV Debate

Muslim Couple in Belgium Beat Their Children For Being “Too Western”

A Third of Germany Now Has Migrant Roots as Country Breeds its Culture Out


A German migration expert claims that at least 35 per cent of the German population will have foreign backgrounds by the year 2040, rising to as much as 70 per cent in major cities.

The head of migrant research at the Federal Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Herbert Brücker, speaking to the German newspaper Die Welt said: “Currently, about a quarter of the people in Germany have a migrant background. In 20 years, it will be at least 35 per cent, but could also be more than 40 per cent.”

Brücker expects that the percentage will probably be much higher in German cities, saying in comments reported by DW: “What we see in the big cities today will be normal for the country as a whole in the future.”


Migrants Praise Chancellor Merkel For Opening German Borders


Migrants say they go to Germany to seek a “better life” because they feel welcomed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom they call “the mother of Africans.”

German state broadcaster ZDF recently interviewed three Guinean men at an asylum facility who said they were all bound for Germany.

“It is our dream to move to Germany to have a better life there,” one man said.

Another man claimed, “I would like to work in Germany, to learn a job, and work in it so that I can live well in Germany.”


Sweden is Officially Breeding Out its Own People Through Migrants

sweden 3

According to newly released statistics, nearly 20 per cent of the Swedish population, or one in five people, were born outside of the country as of 2019, a new record.

A total of 1,960,000 foreign-born people now reside in Sweden according to Statistics Sweden who notes that the number of foreign-born residents has nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

The most common country of origin for migrants from 2000 until 2015 was neighbouring Finland but since the height of the migrant crisis, Syrians have surpassed Finnish immigrants and remain the number one origin country for foreign-born residents.


Sweden Rules in Favor of Sharia Law

Swedish Students Reported to Security Services For Spreading Facts About Immigration

Globalists Have Conquered Sweden

65-Year-Old Swedish Woman Charged For Anti-Mass Immigration Comment

Swedish Criminal Stats Agency: Gathering Ethnic Data of Suspects Not Part of Our Mission

Swedish Migration Official Suspected of Illegally Granting Visas to 121 Afghans

Dutch MP Warns “Rule of Law Will Disappear” in Islamized Europe


Dutch MP Geert Wilders has warned that the Western rule of law will “disappear” if the Islamization of Europe continues unabated.

The anti-Islam figurehead urged his countrymen to abandon political correctness and take a stand for their nation and way of life.

“If you give Islam space, if you keep thinking politically correctly and say, ‘That is not possible because of our rule of law,’ then we, with our political correctness, will destroy our constitutional state,” Wilders said during a recent televised debate.


Police Arrest “Assassin” Out to Kill Geert Wilders Ahead of ‘Draw Muhammed’ Event

Dutch Politician Reportedly Committed Suicide After Sharing Islamic Rape Gang Nightmare

Dutch MP Calls For Release of Political Prisoner Tommy Robinson

Muslim Party Leader Tells Dutch to Leave Their Own Country if They Don’t Like ‘Diversity’

Wilders Slams Globalists’ Attempt to Usurp Sovereignty Through Migrants

Swedish Minister Attacks Polish MEP Who Claimed People Are Fleeing Sweden

Morgan Johansson

Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson criticised a Polish Member of the European Parliament who suggested Swedes were fleeing to Poland due to mass migration.

Polish MEP Beata Mazurek, a member of the conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), criticised Sweden’s migration policy, saying: “Assassinations, increased crime, rape, fear, and sharia zones. These are the consequences of multiculturalism and open doors for immigrants. Swedes are fleeing their country to find peace and normality in Poland.”

Johansson responded, saying that the problem was not Swedes going to Poland but was, instead, Polish criminals coming to Sweden and said that between 2017 and 2018 around three times the number of Poles moved to Sweden than vice versa.

“Something we actually have problems with is foreign theft gangs, not least from Poland. Foreign gangs are behind almost half of all burglaries in Sweden and 90 per cent of all thefts of cars, boat engines, and agricultural machinery. If the Honourable Member can do something about it, I would be grateful,” Johansson told Aftonbladet.


Swedish Media Protecting “Dark-Skinned Men” 10-men Who Raped Woman

Swedes Advised to “Dress Poorly” to Deter Violent Migrants

SWEDEN: Cars Are Being Set Ablaze, Blown Up

Polish Court Rules in Favor of Russian Dad Who Fled to Poland With His Kids

Housing Shortage For Young Swedes as Migrants Given Priority

Migrants Live Rent Free in Swedish Town

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Multiple Blasts Rock Malmo, Sweden Hours After Bomb Scare at Train Station