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Security Guard Charged With Murder After Fighting Man Who Refused to Wear a Mask

Umeir Corniche Hawkin

A security guard at a Southern California market fatally shot a man who refused to wear a mask, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said.

Prosecutors said that Umeir Corniche Hawkins, 38, was charged with murder in the death of Jerry Lewis, 50, according to the district attorney.

Lewis entered the undisclosed market without a mask on July 5 and he and Hawkins got into an argument, officials said.

Lewis eventually returned to the market and fought with Hawkins, who then allegedly shot the victim as he walked away, according to prosecutors.

ABC News

Bloomberg Questions Why CA Isn’t Criticized Like FL on Covid

dickhead newsom

Why aren’t critics of pandemic reopenings talking about California in the same breath as some other states? And what does that say about combating Covid-19?

The pundits always single out Florida. Or Texas. Or Arizona. Or all three. Consider Paul Krugman’s column on Monday. Krugman, one of the liberal stalwarts on the New York Times’s op-ed page, believes that the reason the U.S. is “losing its war against the coronavirus” is Republican politics. He pointed to President Donald Trump’s mid-April tweets calling for states to end their lockdowns and then wrote:

Republican governors in Arizona, Florida, Texas and elsewhere soon lifted stay-at-home orders and ended many restrictions on business operations. They also, following Trump’s lead, refused to require that people wear masks, and Texas and Arizona denied local governments the right to impose such requirements. They waved away warnings from health experts that premature and careless reopening could lead to a new wave of infections.


San Francisco Considers ‘CAREN Act’ to Penalize ‘Racially Exploitative’ 911 Callers


San Francisco may become the first city in the United States to ban 911 calls made under discriminatory or racially-motivated pretenses, at a time where race relations have become increasingly fragile.

Some high-profile incidents where white people were caught on camera calling the cops on people of color have prompted lawmakers in progressive California city to propose what they are calling the CAREN Act.

The CAREN Act stands for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies, and was first revealed on Tuesday by San Francisco Democrat Shamann Walton at the Board of Supervisors.

The name of the legislation is meant to reference the popular Karen meme, originally mocking middle aged, affluent, frequently liberal white women who demand to speak to the managers of fast food and low level retail employees to complain about their job performance.

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CA Faculty Demands Free Studies For All Black Students; Charges That Education is ‘Grounded in White Supremacy’


Issuing the ultimate woke wishlist, The Faculty Association at California State university has demanded that all “Black Native, and Indigenous students” should be given free tuition as a “redress for systemic anti-Black racism in the CSU.”

The CFA has also charged that “the historical and longstanding infrastructures of universities” should be dismantled because they are “fundamentally grounded in a white supremacist colonial discourse and culture.”

Campus Reform reports that the CFA also wants to overturn the ban on affirmative action, and is arguing that “racial pay equity” needs to be implemented because “workload is also higher for Black faculty given that CSU faculty are majority-white, and CSU students are majority of color resulting in ‘cultural taxation.’”

Without providing corroborating evidence, the faculty also claims that research conducted by Black students is “often not valued at the same level as other faculty.”


CA Enters Wildfire Season With Over Half of Inmate Firefighters Under COVID Lockdown

As California’s deadly wildfire season approaches, over half of the state’s inmate firefighters are currently unavailable to serve the northern half of the state, after prison officials placed 12 of the state’s 43 inmate fire camps on lockdown thanks to a giant COVID-19 outbreak at a Lassen County prison – which serves as the training center for the Conservation Camp Program.

Approximately 2,200 California inmates serve on the front lines of the state’s increasingly frequent and destructive blazes, according to the Sacramento Bee. Overall, the program has 3,100 inmates stationed at minimum security facilities across 27 counties.

To put it in context, Cal Fire has approximately 6,500 year-round employees, which swells to around 9,000 during fire season. Inmates earn between $2 and $5 per day, plus $1 per hour while fighting a fire.

Zero Hedge

CA Faculty Demands Free Tuition For ‘All Black, Native, Indigenous Students’


The California Faculty Association released a statement in light of George Floyd’s death and recent protests.

The group also created a list of demands for California State University that it says will provide “redress for systemic anti-Black racism in the CSU.”

The CFA demanded CSU “provide free tuition for all Black, Native, and Indigenous students.” Trends show that enrollment of these students has been decreasing within the CSU system. To increase admission of these “marginalized students,” the CFA proposes that the universities make efforts “to overturn Proposition 209, the ban on affirmative action.”

According to the CFA, “racial pay equity” is necessary because “workload is also higher for Black faculty given that CSU faculty are majority-white, and CSU students are majority of color resulting in ‘cultural taxation.’”

Campus Reform

CA Defy Dems Cancelling July 4th With ‘Illegal’ Fireworks (Video)


Californians openly rejected Democrat leaders who shut down Fourth of July festivities by celebrating Independence Day the right way — with thousands of fireworks.

Governor Gavin Newsom had ordered the re-closing of parks, bars, and restaurants, and cancelled Fourth of July festivities, citing a rise in new coronavirus cases.

But that didn’t stop frustrated Californians from lighting thousands of fireworks throughout the state, with stunning aerial video showing just how widespread California’s revolt against Newsom’s orders were.

LA County and Orange County put on quite a show despite Democrats trying to stifle celebrating America’s independence.


Gavin Newsom Nailed For Shutting Down Businesses, Just Not His Own


A lot of people are slapping down California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom for ordering that bars and other businesses close down, while leaving alone the county where his businesses reside:

Apparently, he has four of them in Napa Valley:

Wineries, a popular destination on a summer holiday weekend, were forced to close in the affected counties. Californians who’d planned on visiting places like Temecula or Santa Barbara or the Santa Ynez Valley or Fairfield or the Santa Clara Valley to celebrate Independence Day with some local wines face a tough choice: either stay home or find an open winery somewhere like San Diego County or Napa County.

Napa County, where Gov. Gavin Newsom’s business, PlumpJack Wines, operates a tasting room – a tasting room that’s open all weekend long.

Well, isn’t that convenient.

the Right Scoop

San Francisco Rent Drops Most On Record As People Flee For Suburbs

san fran

Readers may recall, as early as March, city dwellers in California fled to suburbs and remote areas to isolate from the virus pandemic.

The proliferation of remote work arrangements has led this shift to become more permanent.

At first, the exodus out of the city was due to virus-related lockdowns, then social unrest, and now it appears a steady flow of folks are leaving the San Francisco Bay Area for rural communities as their flexible work environment (i.e., remote access) allows them to work from anywhere, more specifically, outside city centers where the cost of living is a whole lot cheaper.

Bloomberg notes, citing a new report from rental website Zumper, the latest emigration trend out of the Bay Area has resulted in rents for a San Francisco one-bedroom apartment to plunge 12% in June compared with last year, which is one of the most significant monthly declines on record.

Zero Hedge

Lockdowns to Trigger Another Blue State Exodus

California Population Growth Dwindles to Levels Not Seen Since 1900

More People Moving Out of CA Than Moving To

San Francisco to Stop Releasing Most Mug Shots to Prevent ‘Implicit Bias’ Against ‘Black And Brown Men’

san francisco

San Francisco Chief of Police William Scott announced Wednesday that the SFPD will no longer be releasing most mug shots as he claims “research” suggests they create an “illusory correlation” associating “black and brown men” with criminal behavior.

“This policy emerges from compelling research suggesting that the widespread publication of police booking photos in the news and on social media creates an illusory correlation for viewers that fosters racial bias and vastly overstates the propensity of black and brown men to engage in criminal behavior,” Scott said in a statement shared on Twitter.

Information Liberation

San Francisco Gives Free Drugs, Alcohol to Homeless Quarantining in Hotels

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