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Dr Censored by Big Tech Over Chloroquine Video Has Been Fired

simone gold

Dr. Simone Gold, a board certified emergency physician who appeared in the hydroxychloroquine viral video, has now lost her job. She said she was fired from her job because of the media slander. Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of  the newly created group called America’s Frontline Doctors, lost her job after her employer found out about the viral video where she promoted hydroxychloroquine.

The hydroxychloroquine viral video, which features members of America’s Frontline Doctors at a press conference outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., was taken down on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The video got more than 14 million views on Facebook alone, according to CNN, which cited CrowdTangle data, has since been taken down from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter — including removing tweets that the president shared.

In the video, Dr. Simone Gold said: “We’re here because we feel as though the American people have not heard from all the expertise that’s out there all across our country.” Dr. Gold is also the head organizer of an open letter signed by more than 600 doctors calling on President Trump to end lockdown. The letter described widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and children home from school as a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing health consequences.”

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Former Police Chief Cut Off During Interview For Saying BLM Want to Destabilize Society

sky news

Metropolitan Police Chief Kevin Hurley was cut off during a live TV interview when he blamed single parent black homes for riots and said the agenda of Black Lives Matter was to “destabilize society”.

Hurley appeared on Sky News with presenter Adam Boulton, who is notorious for aggressively patrolling guests who dare dissent against the establishment consensus.

Hurley was asked about Wednesday night’s riot in Brixton, where at least 22 police officers were injured as they tried to break up an illegal street party, with mobs chasing them down the street and pelting objects. The culprits were almost if not all black.


15 police officers injured after street party in South London descends into violent skirmish (VIDEOS)

Watch Banned David Icke 5G Interview In Full (Video)


YouTube recently removed a London Real interview featuring David Icke where he claimed 5G is part of a larger plot to control humanity.

Icke points to the instances of Europeans destroying several 5G towers as evidence that many people don’t support the installation of the new technology.

In the name of free speech, Infowars is hosting this censored interview at Banned.videoWatch Below


Youtube Restricts Content Critical of 5G Dangers

Woody Harrelson Say 5g May Be Tied to Coronavirus Pandemic

5G/ Vaccine Adjuvents Make Immune Systems Vulnerable to Disease

Man Films Scores of Dead Bees Around 5g Towers in CA (Video)

Radiation Expert Calls a 5G Rollout “A Global Catastrophe”

Doctor Drops Bombshell About 5g Tech Dangers at Congressional Hearing (Video)

Due Process Be Damned, Alt-Media Called “Fake News,” Censored by Lawsuits


If online agitators spark a wave of harassment by publishing damaging, dishonest stories about private individuals’ personal lives, can the victims do anything to stop them?

Brennan Gilmore hopes so. A counter-protester at the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Gilmore has brought a defamation suit against InfoWars, Gateway Pundit and other right-wing conspiracy-peddling sites that he says smeared his reputation.

The lawsuit comes not long after some of those same sites falsely dismissed the student activists who survived the Parkland school massacre as “crisis actors,” and at a time of broader concern about the growing, destructive influence of fake news.

But the hurdles the suit appears to face speak to the challenges of using the courts to hold fake news purveyors accountable.


“Free Internet” Fascists Actively Working to Kick Conservatives Off the Internet


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Whether the White House realizes it or not, President Trump’s supporters are facing an increased cyberattack to remove from the Internet prior to the 2018 mid-term elections the conservatives and libertarians whose postings on various websites were critical to his presidential victory in 2016.

So far, President Trump has been silent on published reports that Google/YouTube have employed the noted hate-site, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), to serve as their thought-police, armed with the ability to remove YouTube videos and channels that dare oppose the SPLC hard-left ideological agenda.

The SPLC is famous for tagging Ben Carson and Laura Ingram, as well as Infowars.com as “hate criminals,” while refusing to object to Soros-funded violent hard-left protest groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

In the past week, Google/YouTube removed videos posted by Infowars.com and yours truly, with this author’s account being suspended for 90 days from posting videos and launching Live Chat sessions.

Evidence suggests the bots in the CIA are attacking conservatives and libertarians on the Internet at the same time Google has launched a campaign to purge YouTube of all similar contact supporting President Trump.