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Communism: Twitter Bans “Offense Words” Such as “He, Him, His”


Twitter on Friday announced a list of words and phrases that their engineering team will begin using in place of ‘problematic’ language which “does not reflect our values as a company or represent the people we serve.”

Now, “man hours” will be “person hours” or “engineer hours,” the word “Blacklist” will become “Denylist,” and Whitelist will be the “Allowlist.”

Don’t even think about misgendering – the ultimate microaggression.

Twitter’s new rules apply to source code, documentation, FAQs, technical design docs, “and more,” while the company is also “implementing a browser extension that will help our teams identify words in documents and web pages, and suggest alternative inclusive words.”

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Journalist locked out of Twitter for sharing Reading attack video says he has evidence UK government DEMANDED his censorship

Twitter Permanently Blacklists British Conservative Katie Hopkins

Twitter Pulls Trump’s ‘Manipulated’ CNN Parody Video After Media Outcry, Citing Copyright Violation

Twitter, YouTube Permit Communist Party Misinformation While Aggressively Censoring Conservatives

Searching Twitter For “Racist” Returns Donald Trump As Top Result

NBC Still Calls Mississippi Racist After Governor Removes Confederate Symbol

When Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to retire the state flag Tuesday night, it was a truly historic and unlikely moment. The flag, which features a Confederate emblem, has long served as a reminder of the state’s central role in secession and the Civil War.

But more than that, in a state with the highest percentage of Black Americans in the U.S., the flag had come to symbolize white Mississippians’ refusal to cede any real political, social or economic power.

The Mississippi Legislature adopted the current flag in 1894, nearly 30 years after the Civil War, and just four years after the state revised its Constitution to include Jim Crow laws mandating segregated schools and poll taxes and literacy tests as prerequisites for voting. These restrictions were so effective that when the 1965 Voting Rights Act went into law, only a small fraction of the state’s Black population was registered to vote. The 1894 flag was thus a visual representation of a Constitution that codified the “redemption” of the state from federal reconstruction. The flag adoption also coincided with the heyday of racial violence in Mississippi when white mobs lynched dozens of African Americans each year.


Armed Service Committee Approves Legislation to Make Pentagon Strip Confederate Names From Bases

fort bragg

The US House Armed Services Committee voted for the amendment to the annual defence policy bill that envisages stripping Confederate names off of military bases and other property within one year.

The amendment, offered by Representatives Anthony Brown and Don Bacon, was approved 32-23. The latter, along with Rep. Paul Mitchell, crossed the party line to support it.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump tweeted that would veto the defence authorisation bill if it contains an amendment calling for changing the Confederate-related names of US military bases.

Commenting on the voting results, Brown said that the changes are supported by “vast majority of Americans” and are being made because “the history and cause of the Confederacy is centered on slavery and oppression”.


Big Three CENSOR Upward Revision in May Jobs Numbers: 5.825M Higher Than Estimate

ABC’s, CBS’s and NBC’s evening news shows are apparently allergic to any good news that bolster’s the image of President Donald Trump’s economy.

Along with news that private payrolls rose “by 2.369 million in June, a bit below the 2.5 million estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones,” some eye-popping news from a new employment report by ADP Research Institute and Moody’s Analytics dropped. “May’s number saw a stunning revision, going from an initially reported loss of 2.76 million to a gain of 3.065 million,” according to CNBC‘s summary of the report July 1. Issues & Insights reported the same day: “That’s more than 5 million people returning to work in just two months.” Issues & Insights also “bet the networks also ignore[d] this week’s ADP Report.” The publication’s bet was spot-on. [Emphasis added.]

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir(Tom Llamas filling in), CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell (Major Garrett filling in), and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holtall censored the story.

The Big Three have gone 0-for-2 just in the past two days ignoring good market news. 


Pastor Slams Amazon for Blocking New Book


A Tampa Bay, Florida, pastor is slamming Amazon for blocking his new book, “The Phantom Virus: How an Unseen Enemy Shut Down the Planet.”

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was met with bold, red text saying “BLOCKED” after attempting to self-publish his work on Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing page, according to a screenshot he released Friday.

Interestingly, Howard-Browne’s other work is still available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle store, prompting speculation that his latest work goes against the mainstream narrative about the true nature of COVID-19 and the lockdowns gripping the world.

Howard-Browne made headlines in March when he was arrested after refusing to comply with his county’s social distancing orders by hosting thousands at his Sunday service at “The River Church.”


YouTube Bans Stefan Molyneux, Host of the Largest Philosophy Channel on the Platform


YouTube censored the YouToube channel of author and philosopher Stefan Molyneux Monday, amidst a massive crackdown on free speech on major Big Tech platforms such as Twitch, Reddit, and Twitter.

Multiple channels that complied with YouTube’s terms of service were banned Monday morning, the most prominent being Stefan Molyneux, host of FreeDomain radio.

Molyneux’s channel had been active since 2006 and had amassed the largest following of any philosophy program on YouTube, as well as other social media platforms.

“Please friends – help me to raise awareness of the sudden suspension of my YouTube channel of 14 years – please politely tag @TeamYouTube to help correct this egregious error,” Molyneux said on Twitter.

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Reddit Says It Will Allow Hate Speech Against “People Who Are in the Majority”


After The Donald subreddit was banned by Reddit, users drew attention to the site’s policy on hate speech, which explicitly does not protect “people who are in the majority.”

Although it had been largely inactive for months after the owners set up TheDonald.win, Reddit banned the forum which was home to over 800,000 Trump supporters.

This occurred on the same day that streaming site Twitch temporarily suspended President Trump’s channel for “hate speech”.

An interesting caveat to emerge out of Reddit’s censorship is that the site’s section on Promoting Hate Based on Identity or Vulnerability explicitly states that hate speech is still permitted towards “people who are in the majority.”


Chinese-Owned Reddit Starts Banning Users For Their Upvotes

Redditor Complains His Car Was Attacked By Rioters After He Used His ‘White Face’ to Help Them All Day

Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion Over Censorship Boycott


Mark Zuckerberg just became $7.2 billion poorer after a flurry of companies pulled advertising from Facebook Inc.’s network.

Shares of the social media company fell 8.3% on Friday, the most in three months, after Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, joined other brands in boycotting ads on the social network. Unilever said it would stop spending money with Facebook’s properties this year.

The share-price drop eliminated $56 billion from Facebook’s market value and pushed Zuckerberg’s net worth down to $82.3 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That also moved the Facebook chief executive officer down one notch to fourth place, overtaken by Louis Vuitton boss Bernard Arnault, who was elevated to one of the world’s three richest people along with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.


Journalist Locked out of Twitter For Sharing Reading Attack Video Says He Has Evidence UK Govt DEMANDED His Censorship

British-born journalist Raheem Kassam says the UK government is the reason he was locked out of his Twitter account for sharing a video of last week’s terrorist attack in Reading, when a Libyan asylum-seeker stabbed three people.

“I have evidence that the British government demanded Twitter suspend my account,” Kassam said on the social network Parler on Thursday, two days after his Twitter account was locked. He has not made the evidence public yet, however.

A Breitbart alum, Kassam is currently the editor of the online outlet National Pulse and a co-host of the podcast War Room with Steve Bannon, former adviser to US President Donald Trump. His Twitter account shows no activity after June 23.


UK Terrorist’s Brother Was “Defending Himself” Against ‘Racist UK’

‘Libyan’ Terrorist Stabbed Three People to Death in UK

FB Whistleblower Reveals Bias Against Conservatives In Latest Veritas Exposé


A Facebook content moderator has come forward to reveal rampant bias against conservatives at the social media giant.

Ryan Hartwig, an Arizona-based Facebook content moderator for third-party contractor Cognizant, says he witnessed egregious double-standards both targeting conservatives or favoring liberals.

I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections. I saw a blatant exception that just targeted conservatives or favored liberals—and you know, we’re deleting on average 300 posts or actioning 300 posts a day,” said Hartwig, adding “If you magnify that by however many content moderators there are on a global scale, that’s a lot of stuff that’s getting taken down.”

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