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CCP Imposes Tough New ‘Social Credit Score’ Rules to Maintain Status Quo


China will consider individuals who seriously endanger people’s health and safety, or disrupt markets’ fair competition and normal social order, as threats to society under its new social credit guidelines.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that the measures were discussed during a recent meeting of the state council citing a state council meeting led by Premier Li Keqiang, President Xi’s point man for handling the fallout for the coronavirus.

Among these new punitive measures, China will promote quality development of the credit reporting industry, while encouraging the  sharing of credit information related to finance, government administration and public utilities, and speed up orderly use of government-related data Strengthen information security and privacy protection.

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Communists Want to End the Family, Nationalism, Individualism, Free Market


The Thanksgiving holiday in the United States has a checkered past. Its more recent origins lie largely in government attempts at pushing propagandistic narratives.

For example, Abraham Lincoln demanded Americans be thankful for “the advancing armies and navies of the Union” during the Civil War. George Washington instructed Americans to give thanks for the new constitution in 1789. While Andrew Jackson refused to boss around his constituents with days of mandatory gratitude, proclamations of prayer and thanksgiving have been used by many US presidents, especially during times of crisis.

In practice, however, what is now Thanksgiving Day involves mostly a celebration of domestic and family life, quite separate from any presidential imperatives. Moreover, Thanksgiving celebrations take place primarily within the private and commercial spheres of life. Preparing a Thanksgiving meal requires shopping for goods. Traveling to see friends and relatives often requires the purchase of various transportation-related goods and services. Enjoying the day is usually enhanced by consuming various forms of private-sector entertainment.


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China’s Social Credit Score Being Adopted Globally to Travel, Fly

covid fly

The world’s largest air transport lobby group is developing a global ‘COVID travel pass’ app that will link vaccination status and coronavirus test results to a person’s travel documents.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents airlines all over the world, has announced that its app will be trialed by British Airways’ parent company IAG SA before the end of the year, with the full roll out expected to be in the first months of 2021.

It will be available for all Apple and Android mobile devices and will display an electronic version of a person’s passport along with official ‘proof of vaccination’ and test results.

“Our main priority is to get people traveling again safely. That means giving governments confidence that systematic Covid-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements,” said IATA Senior Vice President Nick Careen. 


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College Indoctrination Under State Control (Video)


The left is pushing its idealistic utopian vision of free college tuition. The fantasy completely ignores the known pitfalls. Many of them are skeletons in the closet of the marxist liberal agenda. If the liberal Marxist State rules over our system of higher learning then conservatism won’t just be non existent. Conservatives will be hunted down. The irony is, the left’s naive creation of a permanent brownshirt anarchist class will perpetually attack the very capitalist taxpayers that supported them. The Colleges will become marxist indoctrination hellholes.Fueling an inevitable toppling of the projected leftist establishment.


Dominion Voting Systems Patents Reveal Ties to Communist China


Dominion Voting Systems lists Chinese bank HSBC as their collateral agent in numerous patents, according to publicly listed documents from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The security agreement, filed in Sept. 2019, lists 18 specific patent entities with Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China (HSBC) Canada branch headquartered in Toronto as the assignee.

The patents are all related to the handling of ballots and votes through the counting process, including the ballot imaging processing, terminals, security, keypads, and tabulating programs.

The patents from Dominion, a Canadian-based company, seem to reflect Dominion CEO John Poulos’ testimony in January 2020 that his voting machines rely on many parts manufactured in China.


China Proposes Global Social Credit Score to “Revive” Travel, Trade

fuck china

Speaking during the G20 summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping promoted the idea of introducing globally-recognized health QR codes, saying it would help to restore coronavirus-hit international trade and travel.

“While containing the virus, we need to restore the secure and smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains,” China’s leader told the virtual G20 summit late on Saturday, while advocating the need to “reduce tariffs and barriers” and “liberalize” the trade of crucial medical supplies.

He also called for the creation of mechanisms that would simplify the “orderly flow” of people in the coronavirus-battered world. They could come in the form of QR codes containing people’s health information, Xi said.

QR codes of this type are already in active use in China, where internal travel has become largely dependent on them and the corresponding “health apps.” Instruments to track people’s movement, including mobile applications and QR codes, have been implemented amid the coronavirus pandemic by other nations as well, though no global system has emerged yet.


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Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Socialism: Eyes Another Term as House Speaker

witch bitch

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is refusing to denounce socialism as the left-wing ideology continues to uproot the Democrat Party and as she works to get enough support for yet another term as House Speaker.

Pelosi acknowledged during a Friday press conference there was a “difference of opinion” in her party as the divide between moderates and progressives has only grown since the 2020 election.

In a 2019 60 Minutes interview, Pelosi said socialism was “not the view” of the Democrat Party.

Despite Pelosi’s statements, self-described Democratic socialists have become some of the most prominent figures of the Democrat Party.


CCP Continues to Erode Hong Kong’s Autonomy After Killing Protests

hong kong

The CCP is continuing to erode Hong Kong’s autonomy and taking down anyone that opposes the Party. Beijing intends to oust at least four pro-democracy law makers from Hong Kong’s democratically elected legislature this week because they are “not suitable”.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy politicians said they would quit en masse if Beijing moves to disqualify any individual members of the Legislative Council.

The threat to resign comes after a report Monday from HK01 that said China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee was expected to consider disqualifying at least four opposition members from the legislature as it begins a two-day meeting on Tuesday. The gatherings were likely to result in the disqualification of Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki, Kenneth Leung and Alvin Yeung, the news site said, leaving the 70-seat Legislative Council with just 16 opposition lawmakers.


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