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NBC Guest Who Was in Hospital TV Interviews For COVID Never Had it (VIDEO)


Dr. Joseph Fair appeared on NBC and the Today Show nearly a dozen times in May during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Dr. Fair appeared in a hospital bed fighting off the disease with oxygen tubes in his nose when he appeared on NBC.

In one segment Dr. Joseph Fair told the Today hosts, “If it can take me down, it can take anybody.”

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COVID Cases Purposefully Inflated By the CDC to Keep Economy Shut Down (Video)

The COVID-19 Hoax is taking on monstrous proportions under the watch of none other than the CDC. During a May 18, 2020 meeting of the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court, officials detailed a new method for counting COVID-19 cases. The footage reveals that the State of Texas is being directed by the CDC to inflate infection numbers.



During a May 18, 2020 meeting between the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court, officials detailed a new method for counting COVID-19 cases.

Infowars’ Alex Jones and Rob Dew break down the footage, along with other evidence, showing the State of Texas and others are being directed by the CDC to inflate infection numbers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the smoking gun when it comes to the coronavirus hoax.

At the Collin County meeting, Aisha Souri of the county’s epidemiology department explained how the state’s revised definition for COVID-19 probable cases allows for those labeled as “probable” carriers to be counted as “confirmed cases.”


Ron Paul: The Media is Lying About the ‘Second Wave’


For months, the Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media kept a morbid Covid-19 “death count” on their front pages and at the top of their news broadcasts. The coronavirus outbreak was all about the number of dead. The narrative was intended to boost governors like Cuomo in New York and Whitmer in Michigan, who turned their states authoritarian under the false notion that destroying people’s jobs, freedom, and lives would somehow keep a virus from doing what viruses always do: spread through a population until eventually losing strength and dying out.

The “death count” was always the headline.

But then all of a sudden early in June the mainstream media did a George Orwell and lectured us that it is all about “cases” and has always been all about “cases.” Death, and especially infection fatality rate, were irrelevant. Why? Because from the peak in April, deaths had decreased by 90 percent and were continuing to crash. That was not terrifying enough so the media pretended this good news did not exist.


Chloroquine Critic Fauci Sells Remdesivir For Far More

piece of shit

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (https://aapsonline.org) filed a lawsuit against Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA for “irrational interference” by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine.

Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease.

In the field and in independent testing hydroxychloroquine displayed amazing results in treating the COVID-19 virus.

But there was great pushback against hydroxychloroquine for two reasons. The first reason was because it was safe and very inexpensive. The second reason is because Donald Trump promoted its use.

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MSM Worried About Shareholder Profits as Govt to Distribute Gilead’s Remdesivir

Media Hypes Unproven, Expensive Drug Remdesivir After Trashing Chloroquine

Dems Revive Push For Masks to Regain Control of COVID Narrative After Riots


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called President Trump “cowardly” for not wearing a mask in the public eye.

When asked on NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Friday whether she agreed with Biden’s proposal to mandate mask-wearing, Pelosi agreed, adding that Trump is acting cowardly for not personally acknowledging the risks of the virus.

“Absolutely. In fact, the reason the CDC hasn’t made it mandatory is because they don’t want to embarrass the president, or insult the president, whatever it is, offend the president. They said they recommend it they didn’t require it,” Pelosi said.


Spain: Activists Launch Grassroots Uprising Against ‘False Pandemic’


Activists in Spain are mounting a concerted effort to expose the coronavirus crisis as a “false pandemic” and protest against draconian measures imposed upon residents by the government.

Spain has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, paving the way for Madrid to impose draconian lockdown rules after declaring a state of emergency on March 14.

While elements are of the lockdown are being progressively eased, Spanish authorities recently announced that face masks and ‘social distancing’ protocols will remain mandatory nationwide until “we definitively defeat the virus, which will be when we have an efficient therapy or an effective vaccine.”


Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic As Scam

MSM Pushes ‘Second Wave’ Fears as Economy Rebounds

bullshit hoax

Are you ready for the next wave of COVID-19?  Actually, the mainstream media is telling us that it is already here, and that has sparked another round of fear and panic on Wall Street. 

But the fact that the number of confirmed cases is rising again should not surprise anyone.

As restrictions were lifted, it was inevitable that the virus would begin spreading more rapidly, and that is precisely what we have witnessed.

During the 24 hour period that just ended, there were more than 136,000 new cases reported around the globe, and that is the highest one day total that I have seen so far.

Here in the United States, there were 23,300 newly confirmed cases, and that represented an increase of over 2,000 from the previous 24 hour period.

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How Hospitals Are Murdering People Using COVID Hoax & Profiting


Her name is Erin Marie Olszewski. She’s a military nurse. She worked at the hospital that’s touted as being at the very center of the global pandemic, in terms of numbers of cases and deaths.

Her video is out there. Infowars has it among their banned videos. David Icke has it. Solari.com has it. The Brighteon platform has it. Others have it. It’s devastating testimony, first-hand, from Erin’s undercover investigation inside the Elmhust Hospital in Queens, New York, “the epicenter of the COVID epicenter.”

But this isn’t about the virus. It’s about murder at the hospital. That’s Erin’s assessment and conclusion, after working at Elmhurst.


Yes, Hospitals Get Paid More For COVID-19 Patients

Nurse Blows Whistle on NY Hospitals ‘Murdering’ COVID Patients (Video)

NY RN: Patients Are Being Left to Die, No Treatment, “It’s Murder” (Video)

Feds Classifying All COVID-19 Patient Deaths as ‘COVID-19’ Deaths Regardless of Cause

BOMBSHELL: NYC Inflating COVID Numbers to Get Federal Funding (Video)

BOMBSHELL: Medicare Paying Hospitals $13,000 to Label Deaths COVID-19

New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax (Video)


Erin Marie Olszewski is a nurse turned investigative journalist who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic where she experienced the situation from two radically different settings. Olszewski worked at two hospitals, one private, the other public, one in Florida, the other in New York and not just any New York public hospital, but the “epicenter of the epicenter” itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump’s Queens.

As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate “perspective on the pandemic.”

She has been at the locations where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least.

Erin enlisted in the Army when she was 17.

She deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.


Riots Expose Virus Lockdown Hoax, Governors Pivot on Mass Gatherings

Trump is Betting on the American People to See Through the COVID Hoax (Video)

Washington Times Admits COVID-19 is a Huge MSM Hoax

Hot Mic Captures John Roberts Discussing COVID-19 “Hoax” (Video)

BOMBSHELL: MSM Admits Coronavirus Deaths Grossly Exaggerated by WHO