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Antifa Delivers Flaming Pig’s Head Wearing Police Hat to Portland Justice Center (Video)

flaming pig head

Antifa provocateurs placed a severed pig’s head wearing a police hat atop a US flag and set it on fire in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center in Portland, footage shows.

In video shared by journalist Andy Ngo from Thursday night, the pig’s head can be seen burning outside the Justice Center, as Green Day’s “American Idiot” is heard in the background.

This wasn’t the first time a pig’s head was used by Portland rioters, who are obviously sending a message that they hate police, as well as America as represented by the American flag.


Crazy Lady Tells Children ‘I Hope You All Die’ For Not Wearing Masks in Supermarket (Video)

face mask10

An unhinged woman berated a mother and her young children for not wearing masks in a supermarket before shouting at the children that she hopes they die from the virus.

The incident, captured by a bystander in an unidentified supermarket, shows a masked older woman scold the mother about her kids not wearing masks.

“They’re not supposed to wear them,” the mother told the lady.

“That’s not true!” the lady said.

“Even the schools requires children under the age of ten not to wear them!” the mother retorts. “So why would I make them wear them?”

After stammering indistinguishably, the lady then tells the mother and kids, “I hope you all die!” before storming off.


WHO Chief Tells Trump to be Quiet ”If You Don’t Want More Body Bags”


The head of the World Health Organisation issued a tacit threat to President Trump Wednesday, after the latter threatened to withhold funding for the organisation owing to its slow response to the coronavirus spread, and what Trump described as a ‘China-centric’ outlook.

In his Wednesday press briefing, Trump followed up, stating ‘The WHO got it wrong, they got up very wrong. In many ways they were wrong. They also minimized the threat very strongly,”

He also blasted WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, calling him one of China’s ‘proxies’.

Adhanom hit back at Trump, saying “At the end of the day, the people belong to all political parties. The focus of all political parties should be to save their people, please do not politicize this virus.”