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BLM Protester Dies After Being Struck By Car On Seattle Freeway


Update (07/05/2020): One of the two women hit by a driver early Saturday morning has died.

Summer Taylor, 24, passed away Saturday evening according to a spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center in a statement to AP.

The driver was identified by police as 27-year-old Dawit Kelete.

“Kelete was booked into the King County Correctional Facility at 7:24 a.m. Saturday on two counts of vehicular assault,” according to the Star Tribune. “Bail was denied.”

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Anti-Cop BLM/ Antifa Call Cops After Some Blocking Road Get Run Over

Father of Black Teen Killed in CHOP Calls For National Guard to Clear Autonomous Zone


The father of a 19-year-old boy who was shot and killed in Seattle’s CHOP last week is speaking out against the lawless “no-cop” zone.

Two other teens have been shot this week and many citizens are saying it’s time to shut down the experimental occupied area.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson spoke with KIRO Seattle in an emotional interview following his son’s death, saying, “I ain’t been sleeping. You see my eyes. I’ve been crying. I’m trying not to cry on TV.”

“This doesn’t look like a protest to me no more,” he continued. “That just looks like they just took over and said ‘we can take over whenever we want to.’”


Seattle Police Chief Asks Why Black People Keep Dying in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ CHOP Zone

One Dead, One Wounded in CHOP Shootout (Video)

CHOP Leaders Tell Protesters to Go Home, Support Biden

Man Shot in CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

Coronavirus Cases Vs Fatalities: “Why The Next 6 Days Will Be Crucial”


With the current state of coronavirus infections in the US increasingly about political considerations (especially whether a second wave will lead to another round of shutdowns, more economic carnage, millions more unemployed and crush Trump’s re-election chances) and far less about actual epidemiology and standards of care, two ideological camps have emerged – one which tries to overstate the impact of the pandemic in the US by focusing on the recent surge in new cases in sunbelt states (while ignoring the role recent protests and riots played in said surge), and another which, in downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, has been emphasizing the increasing testing which arguably also explains the jump in confirmed covid cases while underscoring the decline in covid-linked fatalities.

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Ron Paul: The Media is Lying About the ‘Second Wave’

TX, FL Roll Back Reopening Over ‘Second Wave’ Fear Porn

MSM Stirring ‘Second Wave’ Hype to Butcher Economy

Newsom Considers Second Wave Lockdown After COVID ‘Surge’

COVID-19 is a Nursing Home Disaster


In a 1973 film, a New York police detective discovers that a vastly overcrowded, poverty-stricken population – sustained on processed government food called Soylent – are now eating humans who have died. That’s what Soylent Green is made of.

As I covered in my article two days ago, open-source press reports reveal the “excess mortality” of 2020 is largely the result of elderly people dying in nursing homes.

This has nothing to do with a virus.

It has to do with patients who are ALREADY on a long downward health slide—then hit with the terror of an arbitrary and fake COVID-19 diagnosis, and then isolated and shut off from family and friends—in facilities where gross neglect and indifference are all too often the “standard of care.”

Death is the direct result.


Tucker Carlson Honors Riot Victims (Video)


Don’t their lives matter too? #FoxNews#Tucker


Riot Death Toll Now Higher Than Total Deaths of Unarmed Black People For Whole of 2019

Iowa Woman Fatally Shot While Leaving George Floyd Protest

Federal officer killed guarding courthouse near protest

Almost $150,000 Raised Overnight For Black Police Captain Shot Dead by Looters

Black Lives Lost to Black Lives Matter/ Antifa Riots

Black Lives Lost to Black Lives Matter/ Antifa Riots


At least four black American men and one biracial woman have been killed in riots wreaking havoc on American cities over the last week.

Rioting first started on May 28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the death of George Floyd, who was allegedly murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin. Since then, the riots have spread to major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Louisville, and St. Louis.


“Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims”


By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, ‘Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,’ is available here.

As an NHS doctor, I’ve seen people die and be listed as a victim of coronavirus without ever being tested for it. But unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

I suppose most people would be somewhat surprised to know that the cause of death, as written on death certificates, is often little more than an educated guess.

Most people die when they are old, often over eighty.

There is very rarely going to be a post-mortem carried out, which means that, as a doctor, you have a think about the patient’s symptoms in the last two weeks of life or so.

You go back over the notes to look for existing medical conditions.


Coronavirus Propaganda Mimics War Propaganda

CDC Slashed COVID Fatality Rate to a Fraction of Earlier Estimate Used to Justify Lockdowns


Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

Governments throughout the world and across the US justified extreme, draconian, undemocratic, and unconstitutional (in most US states) “lockdown” and stay-at-home orders on the grounds that the COVID-19 virus was exceptionally fatal.

In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) was claiming that the fatality rate was a very high 3.4 percent.

Yet as time went on, it became increasingly clear that such high estimates were essentially meaningless because researchers had no idea how many people were actually infected with the disease. Tests were largely being conducted on those with symptoms serious enough to end up in emergency rooms or doctor’s offices.

By late April, many researchers were publishing new studies showing that the number of people with the disease was actually much higher than was previously thought. Thus, it became clear that the percentage of people with the disease who died from it suddenly became much smaller.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new estimates suggesting that the real fatality rate is around 0.26 percent.

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Study Finds COVID-19 Infection Rates Declined in Reopened States

Dr. Birx Reportedly Believes Coronavirus Death Toll Inflated By Up to 25%

Gunshot Victims Count as Coronavirus Deaths in Washington State


Democrat Washington governor Jay Inslee, whose daughter-in-law works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, oversees a state government that has now admitted to counting gunshot deaths as Coronavirus deaths in official numbers pertaining to the virus, which sparked a draconian lockdown in Inslee’s state.

Freedom Foundation reports: “Today, officials at the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that, as the Freedom Foundation reported on Monday, the state is counting in its COVID-19 death total the deaths of persons who tested positive for the virus but died from other causes.

In remarks made during a telephonic press briefing, DOH officials even acknowledged knowingly including multiple deaths caused by gunshot wounds in the state’s COVID-19 fatality count.

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Over 600 Doctors Send Letter to Trump Urging an End to Lockdowns

Government Wants to Make it Clear That They Dictate Our Rights

Study Finds US Lockdown Destroying More Lives Than it is Saving

Listening to the Coronavirus ‘Experts’ Has Led to Death and Despair

Listening to the Coronavirus ‘Experts’ Has Led to Death and Despair


On April 21st the Washington Post savaged Georgia governor Brian Kemp’s decision to begin opening his state after locking down for weeks. “Georgia leads the race to become America’s No. 1 Death Destination,” sneered the headline.

The author, liberal pundit Dana Milbank, actually found the possibility of Georgians dying to be hilarious, suggesting that, “as a promotion, Georgia could offer ventilators to the first 100 hotel guests to register.”

Milbank, who is obviously still getting paid while millions are out of work, sees his job as pushing the mainstream narrative that we must remain in fear and never question what “experts” like Dr. Fauci tell us.

Well it’s been three weeks since Milbank’s attack on Georgia and its governor, predicting widespread death which he found humorous. His predictions are about as worthless as his character. Not only has Georgia not seen “coronavirus…burn through Georgia like nothing has since William Tecumseh Sherman,” as Milbank laughed, but Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have seen a steep decline since the governor began opening the state.


We’ve Been Lied to: 6 Facts That Change Everything We Know About COVID

It Wasn’t the “Virus” That Crashed the Economy, it Was the People Who Obeyed