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Trump Supporters Outnumber Biden Supporters 100:1 Outside Delaware Arena Where Joe Biden Will Give His Speech (VIDEO)


This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Trump supporters outnumbered Biden supporters 100:1 according to a conservative activist who showed up to the Delaware arena where Biden will be giving his Dem nomination acceptance speech tonight.

A protest dubbed “Delaware Rallies Against Biden” kicked off Thursday evening outside of the Chase Center in Wilmington’s Riverfront.

Trump supporters chanted, “Back the Blue!” as they carried American flags and anti-Biden signs.

Gateway Pundit

‘Victims Matter’ Protesters Shut Down I-95 in Wilmington, Delaware

victims matter

Right-wing protesters standing in front of an exit to Martin Luther King Jr Blvd shut down the I-95 in Wilmington, Delaware on Monday to hold a “Victims’ Lives Matter” protest.

Protesters said they were there to counter “the greatest hoax of our generation, the myth of black victimization and the hoax of white racism.”

Protesters were seen holding up signs of David Dorn, Justine Damond, Serge Fournier, Pat Underwood, Tessa Majors, Sebastian Dvorak, Reese Bowman, Erma Kaylor and more.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez says that latinos are also black.

Bestselling author Colin Flaherty, who led the protest, livestreamed video of the event on Twitter.

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Delaware News Station Threatens to Have GOP Congressional Candidate Arrested For Press Conference


Delaware news station WBOC has threatened to have America First congressional candidate Lauren Witzke arrested if she held a press conference in front of their station.

Witzke, who is running on a net zero immigration moratorium and putting Americans First, has been supporting the owner of the V Spa, which received a cease and desist notice from the state for planning to reopen in protest of the shut down order.

“Governor Carney’s excessive COVID-19 lockdowns have reached a boiling point today,” Witzke told the Gateway Pundit. “Not is he preventing small business owners from putting food on the table for their families, but now he’s clearly violated the First Amendment in threatening to arrest and fine peaceful protesters. My opponent Chris Coons is silent as our rights are being trampled.”

Gateway Pundit

Muslims Want to Be the Exception to (Any) Culture, Sue to Be Just That


A Muslim school filed a lawsuit against the city of Wilmington, Delaware, after several students were kicked out of a public pool for wearing Islamic clothing.

Tahsiyn Ismaa’eel, principal of the Darul Amaanah Academy, claimed that staff at Foster Brown pool forced seven students, aged 5 to 12, to leave the pool for wearing hijabs, T-shirts, and leggings in the water. The lawsuit alleges that pool staff forced the children to leave early on four subsequent occasions, with recreation staff citing an unofficial rule against cotton clothing in the pool. (RELATED: Mosque Of Imam Who Claims His Grandson Died At Jihadi Compound Claims News Coverage Is Anti-Muslim Propaganda)

“As a result of their treatment at Foster Brown (pool), many of the children have come home in tears, shattered by their treatment by city employees and questioning whether their Islamic faith makes them unwelcomed and unwanted,” the Wednesday lawsuit states, according to the Delaware News Journal.

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