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Bill Gates Denies Microchipping, Calls For Social Media Censorship


With millions of people globally sharing information and videos purporting that Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccinations is a cover for a global microchipping program, the billionaire Microsoft founder again felt the need to deny the allegations, while pushing for more censorship of social media posts.

In an exchange between Gates and CNBC Tuesday, the issue was raised by interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin, prompting Gates to deny that coronavirus vaccines will be used to implant tracking devices in humans.

“Very incorrect things that are very titillating…can spread much faster than the truth on social media, and we’ve always seen that with vaccines….social media can make that even worse…” Gates proclaimed.


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Forced Inoculation, Microchipping Pushed By UK State-Run Media

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State-run BBC News is claiming that vaccine passports via Bill Gates-funded digital tattoos will be a necessary part of travel in the post-COVID world.

In the article, Will Travel Be Safer By 2022?, the BBC explains how COVID-19 will permanently alter the way people travel, namely, that they will need to present their vaccination record via a “digital tattoo” backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Travellers would present the customs officers with an entrance visa and a vaccination record. That could be a paper card – or a tiny tattoo on their arm, invisible to the naked eye but readable by an infrared scanner,” the BBC reported last week.


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Bill Gates Admits COVID Vaccine Have Dangerous Side Effects

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Vaccine oligarch Bill Gates expressed apathy in a CBS interview about the fact that his Moderna Coronavirus vaccine, which National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a financial stake in, is testing horribly in vaccine trials, with at least 80 percent of trial subjects reportedly suffering side effects.

This news comes on the heels of a major protest in Africa against the vaccine being tested on black people on the continent. Military insurer Tricare admitted that it wrongly told more than 600,000 U.S. military members that they had the virus.

Hospitals in Florida are showing massive problems with testing accuracy, with Orlando Health admitting that its 98 percent positive rate was actually 9.4 percent.

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Bill Gates Says Multiple COVID Vaccine Doses May Be Required!

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People may have to take multiple doses of a coronavirus vaccine for it to be effective against the virus, Bill Gates has said.

The former Microsoft CEO-turned philanthropist has been at the forefront of promoting a vaccination campaign targeting the entire planet, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation calling for global cooperation to administer COVID-19 vaccines to as many as 7 billion people.

“None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose,” the billionaire said, speaking to CBS Evening News. “That was the hope at the very beginning. Maybe one of them, particularly in the second generation will surprise us. We hope just two, although in the elderly, sometimes it takes more. So making sure we have lots of elderly people in the trial will give us that data.”

Asked about the ongoing testing of prospective vaccines by companies including AstroZenica and Moderna, Gates admitted that “we don’t know if these vaccines will work. We don’t know if they’ll work to avoid deaths, we don’t know if they’ll work to avoid transmission. That’s why we’re working on so many first generation vaccines and a whole bunch of second generation vaccines that, although they’ll take more time, they are more likely to be extremely effective.”


Dr. Warns New COVID Vaccine Is Untested, Will Alter Your DNA

Depopulation: Global Fertility Rate Plummeting


Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation have warned that the planet is not prepared for an ongoing global population crash, and that the impact will be “jaw dropping”.

The BBC reports that the research, published in the Lancet highlights that the global fertility rate almost halved to 2.4 in 2017, and projections indicate that it will fall below 1.7 by 2100.

For further context, In 1950, an average of 4.7 children were being born for every woman.

The research suggests that almost every country on the planet could have shrinking populations by the end of this century, with 23 nations projected to see their populations halve by 2100.


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Farrakhan Warns Africans That Fauci, Bill Gates Trying To Kill Them


It is bad enough when you become a political rally cry for the right as a man trying to destroy our economy or instill fear into the nation. Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is being called a mass murderer who, with the cabal of Bill and Melinda Gates, are seeking to “depopulate the Earth.” That is hardly the most deranged thing that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, 87, has uttered, but it may be the most dangerous.

Farrakhan is encouraging people to refuse vaccinations, a problem that is already causing world health leaders concerns in Africa. This is viewed as the new “epicenter” for the pandemic with Africans facing a threat with the need to protect hundreds of millions of Africans. Health officials will need their cooperation but they have now heard from Farrakhan who has declared that, if they want to live, “Do not take their medication.”

Zero Hedge

Covid Causes Infected Human Cells to Sprout Tentacles Loaded With Viral Venom

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The coronavirus zombifies human cells and causes them to sprout tentacles in order to spread around the body, scientists have discovered.

A study led by the University of California saw researchers take microscopic images of this process, which they have described as ‘so sinister’.

Images show infected cells growing tentacle-like spikes, known as filopodia, which appear to be littered with viral particles.

The researchers believe the disease uses the tentacles to ‘surf’ to healthy cells, where it injects its viral venom into them and creates more zombie cells.

Daily Mail

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Childless Globalists Are Pushing Sterilization (Video)


What can you say about a portion of the world lead by people that despise children?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Oedipus Complex-riddled French President Emmanuel Macron are all childless.

Sterilization has been among us long before most of us were even born and we would all be fools to think it ended there.


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Study Finds COVID Was Uniquely Designed to Infect Humans


A scientific study which found COVID-19 may have been a “cell-culture” uniquely adapted for transmission to humans (more so than any other animal – including bats), is gaining steam.

The paper, currently under peer review, comes from Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, who has spent over two decades developing vaccines against influenza, Ebola, and animal Sars. He says his findings allow for the possibility that COVID-19 leaked from a laboratory, according to Sky News.

“The two possibilities which I think are both still open is that it was a chance transmission of a virus from an as yet unidentified animal to human. The other possibility is that it was an accidental release of the virus from a laboratory,” said Petrovsky, adding “Certainly we can’t exclude the possibility that this came from a laboratory experiment rather than from an animal. They are both open possibilities.”

Zero Hedge

Nobel Prize Winner Says Coronavirus Had to Come From a Lab

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Elites Strive to Depopulate Planet With “Tainted” Vaccines


Elites that pushed vaccines on the planet met in 2009 to “curb overpopulation.”

The U.S. Government’s 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 called for funding “injectable contraceptives” to target the third world.

Human rights activist Matthew McDaniel witnessed the effect of these “tainted” vaccines first hand in Thailand.

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