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Riots And Looting Have Decimated Small Businesses, Which Lack The Insurance Necessary To Repair


The fallout from this summer’s riots — which saw businesses large and small looted and burned to the ground — continues to be seen, as a new report from The New York Times shines a light on the insurance woes faced by those whose livelihoods were destroyed in the name of racial justice.

For months we have been told that property doesn’t matter and that business owners will recoup their losses thanks to insurance, but as the Times found, this is not the case.

“While large chains like Walmart and Best Buy have excellent insurance, many small businesses that have been burned down since the riots lack similar coverage. And for them, there is no easy way to replace all that they lost,” the outlet reported. “In Kenosha, more than 35 small businesses were completely destroyed, and around 80 have been damaged, according to the city’s business association. Almost all are locally owned and many are underinsured or struggling to manage.”

Daily Wire

BLM Harasses Portland Suburb, Demands Allegiance (Video)

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BLM is back at it again – changing hearts and minds by marching into suburban Lake Oswego, Oregon – approximately eight miles south of Portland – to demand allegiance from shoppers and diners who will now surely vote for Joe ‘Racial Jungle’ Biden after recognizing their inner bigots.

According to SkyBluePortland.comBreitbart and The Oregonian, the wealthy Portland suburb surrounding the 405-acre Oswego Lake was targeted by BLM, which distributed flyers promising to “fuck shit up” on Sunday.

“We are going to f— sh— up”

Zero Hedge

Man Discovers Large Antifa Encampment in Portland (Video)


A cameraman claims to have located an Antifa encampment where rioters are housed in Portland, Oregon.

In the video, the man highlights a large tent city located near Burnside Bridge barricaded behind fences, complete with port-a-potties and portable tents for shade.

“I’ve been wondering where this large crowd of agitators has been coming from for the last 90 days, and I think I discovered where such a large crowd of agitators could house themselves and stage themselves for such a long period of time and still be able to be so close to the center of action every single night.”

Describing the area as a “war encampment,” the cameraman asserts the tent city is being funded by the City of Portland.


Sacramento DA Reacts to Antifa Targeting Her Office: ‘This Was a Planned Attack’ (Video)


Antifa’s endgame is the destruction of democracy through violence, intimidation and coercion, according to Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Schubert’s office was attacked and vandalized last week by far-left Antifa members, in what she called a part of their onslaught against buildings in the downtown Sacramento area.

“There is no question that there was a planned attack on our office,” she said Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“Now that we have more intelligence, we understand that much of it was led by Antifa. There was that particular night, there were two separate organizations. The first one was a peaceful protest which we all support, but the second we now know was organized and planned by Antifa,” Schubert told host Laura Ingraham.


Black Lives Matter Rally Flyer Declares War on US


The flyer for Friday’s upcoming Black Lives Matter rally at Hurkamp Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia states, “If it burns, it burns. This is war.”

The flyer also states “Hands Up, Fight Back!” and “People Over Property”

It further explains “Our city has: tear gassed us, shot at us, lied on us, & sold pipe dreams of change.” The activists promise, “RVA & DC COMRADES WILL BE FIGHTING. WILL YOU?”

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Black Lives Matter Plans ‘War on Police,’ NY Leader Says

Black Trump Supporters Slam Black Lives Matter (Video)

BLM Protesters Chant: “Who Do We Protect? Black Criminals!” (Video)

81% of Black Americans Oppose “Defund The Police”

BLM Co-Founder: ‘We are Trained Marxists’ (Video)

Laugh Now, Cry Later: Leftists Mock Investigation into Antifa (Video)


The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security declared Monday night that the Department of Justice is “targeting and investigating” the leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa over violence and rioting in US cities.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show, Chad Wolf also claimed that the feds are going after those paying for the organisation of the rioting.

When asked by Carlson “Why haven’t we seen the leaders of Antifa and BLM arrested and charged with conspiracy under RICO?”, Wolf said he had spoken to the Attorney General personally about the matter.

“I know that they are working on it. Look, we have seen about 300 arrests across this country regarding civil unrest and protesting, violent protesting and I would say, criminal protesting,” Wolf said.

“I know the Department of Justice has charged about 74, 75 individuals there in Portland with different federal crimes,” Wolf continued.


Twitter Responds to Rand Paul Allegedly Subpoenaing Antifa

Flamethrower-Packing Antifa ‘Entered Fetal Position And Began Crying’ After Unsuccessful Escape From Cops

Democrats: Violent US Riots Don’t Exist

Rand Paul: Mayor Bowser ‘Refused’ Secret Service Request to Secure the RNC

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Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed that Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser refused a Secret Service request to use city resources to provide better security outside President Donald Trump’s White House speech for the Republican National Convention, but she “refused” to do so.

Paul and his wife were mobbed by leftist rioters as he exited the convention. Bowser has previously ordered “Black Lives Matter” to be painted on a street in Washington near the White House.

Sen. Rand Paul writes in an editorial for Fox News (emphasis added): “My wife Kelley and I were attempting to leave the White House event.

We were staying at a hotel directly across the street, maybe 50 yards from the gates of the White House.

But as we went to leave, it became apparent there was no safe exit out the gates and through the unruly mob that had gathered there.

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Rand Paul Believes Mob Who Assaulted Him Were “Paid Anarchists”

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Death Threat Rand Paul Outside RNC

Kelley Paul: Our Harrowing, Dystopian Night

D.C. Mayor Partners With CCP Group, Grants Access To Top Federal Building

Antifa Murders Trump Supporter in Portland, Celebrates (Video)


A member of the pro-Trump “Patriot Prayer” group was reportedly shot dead in the street during a pro-Trump rally in downtown Portland on Saturday night.

The shooter is at large.

From The New York Times, “Deadly Shooting in Portland After Pro-Trump Ralliers Clash With Protesters”:

A man was shot and killed Saturday as a large group of supporters of President Trump traveled in a caravan through downtown Portland, Ore., which has seen nightly protests for three consecutive months.

The pro-Trump rally drew hundreds of trucks full of supporters into the city. At times, Trump supporters and counterprotesters clashed on the streets, with people shooting paintball guns from the beds of pickup trucks and protesters throwing objects back at them.

A video that purports to be of the shooting, taken from the far side of the street, showed a small group of people in the road outside what appears to be a parking garage. Gunfire erupts, and a man collapses in the street.

The man who was shot and killed was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Portland that has clashed with protesters in the past.

The Portland Police Bureau said that officers heard reports of gunfire shortly before 9 p.m. and found a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest. It was determined that the victim had died. They did not release any information about a possible gunman.

At the scene, police officers blocked off the road and medics attended to a person who appeared to have a chest wound.




Rand Paul Believes Mob Who Assaulted Him Were “Paid Anarchists”

rand paul

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday to describe his encounter with BLM after Thursday’s RNC where rioters mobbed and attacked Paul and his wife.

“It was horrific,” Paul stated. “We had two women with us who were friends of ours and we came out of the speech but we couldn’t go to our hotel across the street because the mob was already chasing people down who chose to go out that exit.”

Paul and his group were told by Secret Service to go the Trump Hotel 45 minutes away and then, they took an Uber all the way back to their hotel across the street from the White House.

When their Uber was blocked by protesters, Paul decided to walk with his group two blocks to the hotel, and that’s when the mob attacked.

“They saw me right when we got to the policemen fortunately or I don’t think we would have survived,” Paul said.


Black Lives Matter Terrorists Death Threat Rand Paul Outside RNC

Seattle Rioters Tried to Barricade Police in Building, Burn Them Alive


During another anti-police riot in Seattle, Washington on Monday night, BLM/Antifa hooligans unsuccessfully tried to seal the door to SPD’s East Precinct using a quick-dry concrete before setting the building on fire with officers inside.

Seattle Police provided KTTH with an image of the concrete mixture on the door.

The key card reader on the door was also destroyed in an attempt to trap the police personnel inside.

Meanwhile, around the corner, rioters tried to burn the building down.