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DC Reverses School Reopening Plans After Teachers’ Union Pressure

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Washington, D.C. Public Schools canceled its safe school reopening plan Monday after the city’s teachers’ union voted “no confidence” in the plan and encouraged members to take Monday off as a “mental health day.”

Washington, D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) announced Monday that it would “adjust” its reopening timeline, further delaying a return to in-person instruction. More than 90% of Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) members submitted a vote of “no confidence” in the city’s plans last week, according to a Monday press release.

“While DCPS planned to offer in-person learning at the start of Term 2 for select elementary school students, this timeline will need to be adjusted,” DCPS tweeted. “This means all students in grades PK-12 will now begin Term 2 on Monday, November 9 with learning at home.”

DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee announced in October that public schools would begin some in-person instruction on Nov. 9, according to WTOP News. The plan called for students who were most at-risk, such as those experiencing homelessness and those with special needs, to be the first with access to in-person schooling.

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Teachers’ Union Makes Tombstones to Scare Kids From Returning to School

Teacher’s Union President Says Strikes Probable in TX, AZ, FL

NC Teachers Union Demands Universal Health Care, Welfare for Illegal Immigrants to Reopen Schools

LA Teachers Union: Schools Should Remain Closed

Less Than 1% of Teachers, Students Infected Since Schools Reopened


A new study has found minimal evidence that the novel coronavirus is transferring inside K-12 school buildings despite reports of students and faculty across the country contracting the disease.

Brown University researchers collaborated with school administrators and released data Wednesday from a new National COVID-19 School Response Data Dashboard.

COVID-19 cases recorded in the dashboard show a relatively small degree of spread among staff and students. The study looked at data collected from more than 550 schools across 46 states over a two-week period starting Aug. 31, with more than 300 schools maintaining some level of in-person classes.

Researchers found 0.23 percent of students had confirmed or suspected cases of the virus, while the rate among educators was 0.51 percent. The rates for confirmed cases were lower at 0.076 for students and 0.15 for teachers. The data included those for public and private schools, with many of the schools located in smaller communities.

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Virtual Classrooms Designed to Inhibit Education

Teacher Complains Virtual Classrooms Allow Parents to Witness ‘Woke’ Courses

School Calls Cops on Boy Over Toy Gun in His Bedroom

Police Search Home of Student After BB Gun Spotted During Online Class

Teachers’ Union Makes Tombstones to Scare Kids From Returning to School

Teacher’s Union President Says Strikes Probable in TX, AZ, FL

NC Teachers Union Demands Universal Health Care, Welfare for Illegal Immigrants to Reopen Schools

LA Teachers Union: Schools Should Remain Closed

Arrests Continue For Spies Working in US Law, Education


US federal prosecutors on Monday charged a New York City police officer with spying on members of the Tibetan community for the Chinese government.

Baimadajie A., 33, who is also a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserve, was arrested at his Long Island home for acting as an illegal agent of China. He was also charged with wire fraud and making false statements.

“This is the definition of an insider threat,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office William F. Sweeney, in a statement. “The FBI is committed to stopping hostile foreign governments from infiltrating our institutions, and we will we not tolerate the behavior of those who willingly violate their oath to the United States, and covertly work against their fellow citizens.”

Prosecutors said the accused, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Tibet, had acted as an agent for Beijing since at least 2014.


Arkansas Professor Arrested For Concealing Communist Chinese Funding

Harvard Professor Charles Lieber Arrested For Working With China

US Universities Won’t Cooperate With Investigations into Chinese Infiltration

DOJ: Chinese National Arrested For Allegedly Spying on US Soil

Wake County Public Schools Cancels Delivery of Chromebooks to Students

The Wake County Public School System cancelled distribution of virtual learning devices on Friday due to an issue with the supplier.

Several parents were not made aware of the delay, and were turned away as they tried to pick up Google Chromebooks for their children at Apex High School.

“This is the second time I’ve come here and yeah, I’m very, very frustrated,” said Brandi Donovan of Cary.

Donovan tells CBS 17 three of her children don’t have the devices they need for virtual learning.

“Me and a couple other parents actually came up here and a guy came out and said, ‘there’s a delay, we can’t do anything until next week. Did you guys get an email?’ No, we did not get an email,” Donovan said of what happened.

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Virtual Classrooms Designed to Inhibit Education

NC Middle School Teacher of Nearly 20 Years Resigns Amid Remote Learning

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Triad teachers are struggling to balance remote learning, lesson plans and taking care of their own children.

“I’m very sorry to my students and my parents this year but in reality, I’m not the best teacher for this situation,” said Erica Bean, after resigning from her teaching position with Guilford County Schools.

Bean has taught sixth grade science, social studies and language arts at Western Guilford for almost 20 years.

“You just try your best to make it interactive and have fun with them,” Bean said.

Bean, like many teachers in the Triad, is juggling online students, technology glitches, and helping her own children.

“It’s just a lot. It’s very time consuming,” Bean said.

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‘Online-Only’ Education Part of Phasing Out Humans, Joining With A.I.

Virtual Classrooms Designed to Inhibit Education

Virtual Classrooms Designed to Inhibit Education


A mom in Georgia shared a heartbreaking photo of her 5-year-old son frustrated to tears as he struggles with the new virtual learning curriculum.

In the photo, the young boy is sitting at an office desk in the family’s kitchen with an open laptop and pen and paper, as he uses his shirt to dry his eyes.

His mother, Jana Coombs, says the photo was taken just after her son had set his head down on the desk and cried, largely due to the confusing transition from in-person to online learning.

“I just took that picture because I wanted people to see reality,” Coombs said, adding, “And then he came over and we hugged and I was crying right along with him.”


Teacher Complains Virtual Classrooms Allow Parents to Witness ‘Woke’ Courses

TN Mom Resigns From Job After Son Falls Behind in Virtual Schooling (Video)

Shelby County Schools Going All Virtual This August

China’s Confucius Institute designated as a foreign mission of Beijing


The State Department has designated China’s Confucius Institute a foreign mission of Beijing, saying the center is an engine for Chinese propaganda efforts in the U.S.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, a Chinese government-funded program that focuses on teaching Chinese language and culture across the globe, is “an entity advancing Beijing’s global propaganda and malign influence campaign on U.S. campuses and K-12 classrooms” and is working to expand the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “global influence.” 

The designation of the Confucius Institute, which has branches on college campuses in the U.S., formalizes the government’s conclusion that the organization is “substantially owned or effectively controlled” by a foreign government and mandates it follow administrative requirements that reflect those for other diplomatic missions like embassies and consulates. 

the Hill

D.C. Mayor Partners With CCP Group, Grants Access To Top Federal Building

American Universities Still Have Chinese Propaganda Centers

US Universities Now Shutting Down ‘Arms of China’s Propaganda Machine’

Columbia Hosts ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ Workshop For ‘White-Identified Students’


For weeks, Columbia University Health has been hosting Zoom workshops as part of a series titled “From Ally to Accomplice at Columbia: Working Group for Examining and Deconstructing Whiteness to Mitigate Racial Trauma.”

The weekly online “interactive curriculum,” which began July 7 and concludes Monday, is designed for “white-identified students” to “engage in exploration of their white identities and build community and accountability around deconstructing whiteness and white privilege to facilitate the development of an antiracist lens.”

“This virtual group aims to begin to equip students with the time, space, and skills for the self-reflection and processing of privilege that is necessary to meaningfully dismantle systems of racial oppression from a position that has privilege,” the university explained on its website.

In an email that was reportedly sent to Columbia University Law students, the department said that the workshop “will not be a support group for white students. Nor will it be comfortable or easy.”

Campus Reform

Black Faculty at Columbia Demand School ‘Unlearn Whiteness’

Columbia Student Aala Nasir Targeted Over ‘Racist’ Drunken Rant

School Superintendent: White People Must Rewire Their Brains to Stop Being Racist

Seattle City Council Holds Reeducation Seminar to ‘Undo Your Whiteness’

CA Faculty Demands Free Studies For All Black Students; Charges That Education is ‘Grounded in White Supremacy’

“We Do Not Tolerate Racism” Says University That Just Promoted “Kneecap White Men” Professor

FL University Training Students to Confront ‘Personal Relationship to White Supremacy’

Scholar Forced to Resign Over Study That Found Police Shootings Not Biased Against Blacks

Students Are Demanding A Professor Be Fired For OPPOSING Slavery

Teacher’s Union President Says Strikes Probable in TX, AZ, FL

teachers union

The president of the American Federation of Teachers warned Wednesday that strikes due to unsafe working conditions in schools were possible in Texas, Florida and Arizona — all states with high coronavirus infection rates.

“If people die while they are educating kids, you eviscerate any credibility that you would have going forward about whether or not a school is safe,” Randi Weingarten told POLITICO.

Earlier this month the American Federation of Teachers, which represents over 1.7 million educators, adopted a resolution which demands the only schools that should reopen for in-person instruction should be in places where the infection rate of COVID-19 is below 5 percent.

The group also said that schools should only reopen if those educators who are at high risk of getting the virus have access to special accommodations and authorities agree to shut the school down should there be a spike in cases. Some of the demands include social distancing, gloves, updates to the building’s ventilation system and face coverings.

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