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Sheriff Rips Elizabeth Warren For Demanding Release of Illegals Due to Coronavirus


A Massachusetts sheriff has slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for allegedly pressuring him to facilitate the release of illegal alien detainees in his custody.

In a recent letter, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson unloaded on the failed presidential candidate over her disparaging rhetoric about police and accusations regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protocols.

“As someone who has used their legislative position to demonize Sheriffs and our federal partners for enforcing our national immigration laws, and who consistently advocates for criminal illegal aliens, I find it outrageous that you would be writing a lengthy letter suggesting I encourage Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release detainees,” Sheriff Hodgson wrote.

“Your record of placing more credibility with lawbreakers rather than those who enforce the laws created by Congress makes clear where your interests truly lie.”


Sheriff Blasts Court-Ordered Release of Illegals Due to Coronavirus

FL Man Freed From Jail Over Coronavirus Murdered Someone the Next Day

Elizabeth Warren Accuses GOP of Conspiring With Foreign Governments


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Friday declared that Senate Republicans, who successfully blocked the Democrats’ demands for additional witnesses in the impeachment trial, have given President Trump permission to “conspire with foreign governments to undermine” votes.

Senate Republicans on Friday effectively stiff-armed the Democrats’ demands for additional witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

Only two Republicans, Sens. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Susan Collins (R-ME), voted alongside Democrats in favor of additional witnesses.


House Democrats Approve Social Credit Score For Americans


House Democrats voted against an amendment on Wednesday, which would have stopped the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) from demanding credit bureaus evaluate Americans’ credit scores based on religion, politics and other aspects.

The failed amendment would have prevented the CFPB from forcing private credit score companies to “make use of information related to political opinions, religious expression, or other expression protected by the First Amendment, whether obtained from a social media account of a consumer or other sources.”

The CFPB, established by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during the Obama administration, would have the legal authority to force credit agencies to assign numbered scores to citizens directly reflecting the information gathered.


How Social Media is China’s Social Credit System

Chinese Citizens Will Need to Pass Facial Recognition Test to Use the Internet

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Facial Recognition Cameras Monitor Chinese Students’ Behavior in Class

China’s Smart Grid Tyranny Spreads to Australia

China’s Social Credit System Blocking Millions From Plane, Train Tickets

Police Testing Facial Recognition Technology in Central London

Mastercard Working With Microsoft to Develop Orwellian “Digital I.D.” System

2020 Democrat Candidate Wants Chinese Social Credit System in the US

China’s Tyrannical Technocracy to be Adopted by Worldwide Governments

Warren Demands Criminal Penalties For ‘Disinformation’


Elizabeth Warren has literally called for the end of the First Amendment by pushing criminal penalties for spreading “disinformation” online which would be arbitrarily defined by the government.

The Democratic presidential candidate says she would hold social media platforms liable for not policing content intended to mislead would-be voters by telling them the wrong voting times and that they could vote via text message, but Warren didn’t stop there; she also wants to criminalize other speech deemed “disinformation.”

“I will push for new laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating this kind of information, which has the explicit purpose of undermining the basic right to vote,” Warren said in a release. “The Trump administration eliminated this critical position [the cybersecurity coordinator at the National Security Council], weakening our defenses against cybersecurity threats and disinformation.”


SHOCK POLL: Majority of Millennials Want Constitution Re-Written


Elizabeth Warren Wants Transgender Men to be in Female Prisons

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During an Iowa campaign rally on Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced a plan to put male prisoners into female prisons in the name of gender equality.

“We were talking earlier about criminal justice. One of the things we have to think about as a nation; we have to stop putting trans women who are incarcerated into prisons with men where they are at risk. It is our responsibility,” Warren told the Marshalltown, Iowa crowd.

Essentially, Warren is calling for biological men who claim to be women to be placed in general population with biological females.


Tucker Carlson Debunks Claim That Transgenders Are Being Murdered


Tucker Carlson debunked the so-called transgender “murder epidemic” on his show last night, highlighting figures which prove transgenders are actually safer than the general population.

Carlson began the segment by playing a clip of presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren vowing to “read the names of transgender women, of people of color, who have been killed in the past year.”

He then quoted Democratic pressure group the Human Rights Campaign, which supported Warren, claiming that there is an “epidemic of violence against transgender people – especially trans women of color.”

Carlson then highlighted how this narrative is being amplified by the media, which has declared the issue to be a “crisis” and an “epidemic.”


Warren Regrets Faking Native American Ancestry


Warren gets a question in NH town hall from a voter asking what she shud tell relatives about the past claims of Native American ancestry.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe. And I have apologized for confusion I have caused”

Weasel Zippers

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation For Failed DNA Test Stunt

Elizabeth Warren’s War on Wealth Would Impose 100% Taxes on the Rich


Elizabeth Warren’s crusade against rich people is even worse than we thought. According to Richard Rubin of the Wall Street Journal, some millionaires and billionaires would experience tax rates of over 100 percent on investments under Warren’s proposals.

Potential tax rates over 100% could result from the combination of tax increases the Massachusetts senator proposes for the very top tier of investors. She wants to return the top income-tax rate to 39.6% from 37%, impose a new 14.8% tax for Social Security, add an annual tax of up to 6% on accumulated wealth and require rich investors to pay capital-gains taxes at the same rates as other income even if they don’t sell their assets.

Consider a billionaire with a $1,000 investment who earns a 6% return, or $60, received as a capital gain, dividend or interest. If all of Ms. Warren’s taxes are implemented, he could owe 58.2% of that, or $35 in federal tax. Plus, his entire investment would incur a 6% wealth tax, i.e., at least $60. The result: taxes as high as $95 on income of $60 for a combined tax rate of 158%.

The rate would vary according to the investor’s circumstances, any state taxes, the profitability of his investments and as-yet-unspecified policy details, but tax rates of over 100% on investment income would be typical, especially for billionaires.

PJ Media

Warren’s ‘Billionaire Tears’ Mug Makes Billionaire Richer From its Sales

Soros Endorses Elizabeth Warren: “Most Qualified to be President”

Elizabeth Warren to Give 1 Trillion in Reparations to Black Families For ‘Racist’ Climate

Warren’s ‘Billionaire Tears’ Mug Makes Billionaire Richer From its Sales


In an attempted jab at wealthy Americans, Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is selling coffee mugs reading, “Billionaire Tears,” but there’s a catch.

Shopify, the company Warren’s campaign is selling the mugs through, is owned by billionaire CEO Tobias Lütke, worth $2.8 billion.

The text for the product on Warren’s campaign website reads, “In November 2019, billionaire and former Goldman Sachs executive Leon Cooperman (who as recently as 2017 settled with the SEC on insider-trading charges) was brought to tears on live television while discussing the prospect that a President Elizabeth Warren might require him to pay his fair share in taxes. Savor a warm, slightly salty beverage of your choice in this union-made mug as you contemplate all the good a wealth tax could do: universal childcare, student debt cancellation, universal free college, and more.”


Soros Endorses Elizabeth Warren: “Most Qualified to be President”


George Soros, like Barack Obama, has passed over former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to the 2020 US election.

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, the progressive billionaire predicted that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will become the Democratic nominee who will face Trump in 2020.

She has emerged as the clear-cut person to beat,” he said. “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she is the most qualified to be president.

Soros quickly added that his comments were not an endorsement of Warren, saying “I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever, ” adding “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”

Zero Hedge

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