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Lawsuit: Epstein Cited Friendship With Bill Clinton to Carry Out “Vicious, Prolonged Sexual Assault”

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Documents made public as part of a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate have alleged that the billionaire cited his ‘friendship’ with Bill Clinton as a way of intimidating a fifteen-year-old girl into sleeping with him.

The documents, identifying the victim only as ‘Jane Doe’ claim that Epstein carried out a “vicious, prolonged sexual assault” on her in 2004 after trafficking her on the infamous ‘Lolita express’ to his New Mexico ranch.

“Epstein made clear to Jane Doe 15 how powerful he was. He made a point of mentioning that he was close with Bill Clinton,” the documents note.


Epstein Trafficking Network ‘Lolita Express Airlines’ Still Recruiting Young Girls


Shock videos show young girls dressed as stewardesses being used to lure other young women into the elite world of private executive jet travel while enticing men to join their club. Independent investigator reveals connections between former Epstein sex slave turned pilot who was given immunity and Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s property managing brother. Also of interest is how the mainstream media has ignored the obvious sexual nature of these recruitment videos from these Epstein connected companies. Some of this information has been reported by the Guardian and other news outlets, but the salaciousness of these videos has been ignored. Share this video so the world knows how the elites are trafficking young girls and how deep the rabbit how goes.


Masseur Describes “Wall of Prosthetic Eyeballs” at Epstein’s Mansion


A famous masseur who was hired by Jeffrey Epstein says the billionaire sex trafficker told him “you are being watched at all times” and that there was a “wall of prosthetic eyeballs” inside Epstein’s New York mansion.

Gypsy Gita, a well known masseur to the stars who caters for many Hollywood actors, worked for Epstein between 2001 and 2005.

Claiming that he also performed two or three massages on Prince Andrew at the property, Gita described the eerie atmosphere inside Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse as a “weird, warped world.”

“There was this huge wall of prosthetic eyeballs. There must have been 150 at least… Jeffrey would say, ‘Don’t forget you are being watched at all times,’” said Gita.

It’s common knowledge that Epstein’s properties were festooned with surveillance cameras which were used to gather compromat which could later be used to blackmail influential people.


Bill Clinton To Speak At DNC


The Democratic Party has tapped Bill Clinton as one of the main speakers for the upcoming Democratic National Convention despite recently released court documents alleging the former president had flown with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to his private Caribbean island with “two young girls.”

Clinton is slated to speak along with socialist firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden, John Kerry, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer next Tuesday.

Last month, court documents from a 2016 lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell by victim Virginia Giuffre alleged that Bill Clinton had flown to Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” via his “Lolita Express” jet accompanied by “two young girls.”


Epstein Debacle Reveals A Compromised FBI (Video)


The deeper we go into the lurid reality behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s teenage sex slave empire, the more we uncover disgusting Democrats and their associates.

Serial liar and alleged rapist Bill Clinton is dodging the revelations slowly creeping out of the Maxwell and her victim’s depositions thanks in large part to the mockingbird media covering his tracks and a pattern of protection emerging from the highest law enforcement bureaucracies in the United States to protect the elite’s penchant for unrestrained child sexual abuse.

This blackmail ring of international proportions will eventually implode, revealing the horrible truth that massive arrests and changes at the FBI must be courageously attained or America’s spiral into darkness will continue to accelerate.


Second Circuit Grants Delay on Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Release

Virginia Giuffre Ordered to Destroy Files That Contain Names of Epstein Associates

Gloria Allred Condemns Maxwell Attorneys’ Request To Name Accusers

Epstein Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Called for The Lowering of The Age of Consent

Records of Prince Andrew’s Location on Night of Molestation Destroyed By Police

The Vile Truth Behind Madam Maxwell (Video)

Epstein Prosecutor Has Made it ‘Virtually Impossible’ For Prince Andrew to Co-operate

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The New York lawyer leading the Jeffrey Epstein investigation has made it “virtually impossible” for the Duke of York to co-operate, sources have said.

Escalating the extraordinary row between Prince Andrew and US attorney Geoffrey Berman, insiders on Tuesday hit back at claims that the 60-year-old royal has “repeatedly declined” the FBI’s requests for an interview. 

It came after Mr Berman’s office issued a hard-hitting statement on Monday night, accusing Andrew of “falsely portraying himself to the public as eager and willing to co-operate”, in response to suggestions that he had offered to assist the investigation three times this year.

London Telegraph

The People Behind the Raid Against Trump

Feds Promise Justice For Epstein Victims

DOJ Demands UK Hand Over Prince Andrew For Questioning Over Epstein Links


Britain’s Prince Andrew has reportedly been summoned by the US Justice Department to answer questions about his relationship with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The pair were friends for over a decade.

The Southern District Court of New York has asked Prince Andrew to testify in the ongoing criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged accomplices via a Mutual Legal Assistance request filed with the UK Home Office, ABC News reported on Sunday.

According to the Sun, which first broke the story, the request was formally lodged last month.

Prince Andrew could be forced to provide testimony under oath in a UK court if the Home Office approves the US court’s request.


Epstein Arranged Prince Andrew’s Meetings With Three Young Women in NY

Prince Andrew Creates PR Nightmare After Lying About Sex With Minor

Duke of York Refuses to Cooperate With FBI Over New Accuser’s Claims

Epstein Lawyer: ‘It Was Homicide, But I Don’t Know Who Killed Him’


Jeffrey Epstein’s lead attorney says that he knows the billionaire pedophile was murdered in prison, but does not know who the killer/s is/are, noting that Epstein was ‘upbeat and excited’ about going to the courts in an attempt to clear his name.

Epstein’s lawyer David Schoen made the comments in a Discovery documentary series about the disgraced multi-millionaire, revealing that the financier was preparing to reveal key information at trial.

Schoen is adamant that Epstein was not suicidal, noting “At one point a prison psychiatrist came in and asked me to leave so she could talk to Epstein on his own. They talked for five minutes and he seemed relaxed. He was smiling as she left.”

“He had plans to really fight this case. He’d made arrangements to hire me.” Schoen added.

In the three part documentary, titled Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?, Schoen also said he was very concerned about Nicholas Tartaglione, a huge former cop, charged with four murders, who was initially sharing a cell with Epstein during his first alleged suicide attempt.


Only 29% of Americans Believe Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide

AG Barr Calls Epstein ‘Suicide’ a “Perfect Storm of Screw-Ups”

Dr Marc Siegel “More Suspicious Than Ever” Epstein Was Murdered

Epstein Defender Dershowitz Says Forced Vaccination is Legal (Video)


What happens when you disobey unlawful COVID orders?

David Knight interviewed former Texas Deputy Sheriff Eddie Craig on Monday, and Craig told listeners how to fight fines and push back against government officials revoking business licenses and penalizing citizens for “non-compliance.”

Testing, tracking & vaccination orders are coming next as Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, says the government can force-vaccinate the public and he hopes they do so quickly.

“Alan Dershowitz really is the poster child of everything that is wrong with the legal system and with media,” Knight told Craig.


Netflix Epstein Documentary Produced by Bill Clinton Co-Author James Patterson


A trailer for Netflix’s documentary based on the life of Jeffrey Epstein shows former President Bill Clinton buddy James Patterson was involved in its production, making it likely the Clintons’ connection to the convicted pedophile will be glossed over.

In the trailer for the documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” debuted Wednesday, author James Patterson is credited with writing the book the four-part series is based on.