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Americans Are Relocating by the Millions Because of What is Coming


This is a really odd time to be having a “housing boom”. 

We are in the middle of the worst public health crisis in 100 years, endless civil unrest has been ravaging many of our largest cities, and we are experiencing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 

But even though more than 70 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits this year, home sales are absolutely rocking.  How in the world is this possible?

Well, this phenomenon is actually quite easy to explain.  As our society comes apart at the seams all around us, vast numbers of Americans are seeking greener pastures.  According to ABC News, the chaotic events of 2020 have caused “millions of Americans” to relocate.  In New York City alone, more than 300,000 former residents have permanently moved to new addresses.

Economic Collapse

America’s Summer Exodus: Thousands Flee Dangerous Democrat-Run Cities


In modern American history, we have never seen such a sudden mass exodus away from our major cities. 

Overall, the U.S. economy is a complete and total disaster in 2020, but moving companies and real estate agents that work in desirable rural and suburban areas are absolutely thriving right now.

Each weekend we are seeing long lines at U-Haul rental facilities, moving companies can’t handle all of the requests that they are getting, and property values are shifting at a pace that is difficult to believe.

End of the American Dream

Looting, Riots Prompt Mass Exodus of Chicago Residents

A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts

Lockdowns to Trigger Another Blue State Exodus

A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts


In all of U.S. history, we have never seen anything like “the mass exodus of 2020”. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the major cities on both coasts in search of a better life.

Homelessness, crime and drug use were already on the rise in many of our large cities prior to 2020, but many big city residents were willing to put up with a certain amount of chaos in order to maintain their lifestyles.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and months of civil unrest have finally pushed a lot of people over the edge.

Moving companies on both coasts are doing a booming business as wealthy and middle class families flee at a blistering pace, and most of those families do not plan to ever return.


California Population Growth Dwindles to Levels Not Seen Since 1900

More People Moving Out of CA Than Moving To

San Francisco Rent Drops Most On Record As People Flee For Suburbs

Lockdowns to Trigger Another Blue State Exodus

272 NYPD Officers File for Retirement Since George Floyd’s Death


New York City police officers are retiring in droves following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Two hundred and seventy-two uniformed officers have filed retirement papers between May 25, the day Floyd died while he was in police custody, and June 24, according to the New York Post.

The number represents a 49% spike from the same time period last year, the department said.

The relationship between the New York Police Department and city leadership has become strained over the last few years but has intensified since Floyd’s death. The two sides have openly criticized each other, and New York City Bill de Blasio recently promised to cut funding to the department and encouraged reforms such as disbanding the force’s plainclothes unit, which was criticized by at least one police union leader.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said last week that the criminal justice system in New York City is reaching a “breaking point.”

Washington Examiner

NYPD Officers Are Retiring In Droves Over Leadership’s Handling Of Riots

Right Now There is a “Mad Rush” to Get Out of the Cities


So many wealthy people are rushing to move away from the big cities that it is creating a bit of a “real estate boom” in many suburban areas, small towns and rural communities. 

Fear of COVID-19, a collapsing economy and the tremendous urban violence that we have witnessed in recent weeks have combined to create a frenzy of activity.

Last week, my wife and I heard from a friend in New York City that is all of a sudden desperate to move to another state, and I certainly can’t blame him for wanting to relocate.

If I was in his shoes, I would be wanting to move too.

End of the American Dream

More People Moving Out of CA Than Moving To

Young People Abandoning Cities For Suburban Living

Lockdowns to Trigger Another Blue State Exodus


The ongoing coronavirus lockdown will trigger another mass exodus from blue states to red states, which already had momentum as blue state residents fled higher taxes.

For one thing, red states will likely reopen their economies first, meaning that they’ll be more jobs available to those who aren’t living comfortably on unemployment checks – and there’s the ever-present fact that many of the red states have a much lower cost of living, not to mention that several of them had a less draconian response to the virus.

As Infowars predicted on April 2, some states will lift their coronavirus lockdowns a lot sooner than others, meaning that they’ll be regional recessions in some parts of the country, especially in states like Illinois which was already facing bankruptcy before the coronavirus due to its millions in unfunded pensions.


California Population Growth Dwindles to Levels Not Seen Since 1900

More People Moving Out of CA Than Moving To

Socialist Policies Causing Over-Priced Sanctuary Hell in CA