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Memphis Officials Receive Complaints Within Days of Issuing City Mask ‘Ordinance’

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The Memphis ordinance requiring people to wear masks in the city limits of Memphis has been in effect for about five days. Businesses who don’t make their employees and customers comply could be shut down.

”He said there’s a new ordinance right here in Memphis. You gotta wear a mask,” said Donald Staufenbiel.

Staufenbiel found that out at a soup kitchen where he was given a mask.

There are plenty of businesses with signs on their doors warning people to wear a mask and if they don’t they are turned away.

However, if you take a look at Kroger in Midtown you can see a lot of customers not wearing masks and other shoppers are taking notice.

WMC Action News 5

Party City Worker Kicks Out Customer with Health Condition For Not Wearing Mask (Video)

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A camera was rolling when a Party City employee discriminated against a shopper who has a health condition preventing her from wearing a face mask.

In footage reportedly captured inside a North Austin-area Party City, a customer is asked to leave the store and shop online when she enters without a mask, despite claiming to have a medical condition which makes her exempt from Austin mask requirements.

“You’re discriminating against me because I have a medical condition,” the woman tells the employee.

“It’s not discrimination,” the employee replies.


Walmart Stooge Confronts Mask-less Customer Entering Store

Shock Video: Woman Lowers Face Mask, Coughs On Baby Inside Yogurt Shop


A woman wearing a face mask was caught on camera lowering the mask to cough on a baby inside a California yogurt shop, upset the baby’s mother was allegedly violating social distancing rules.

Security footage inside Yogurtland in San Jose shows the woman walk into the shop and get in line, before another woman pushing a baby stroller gets in line behind her.

The lady pushing the stroller does not appear to notice she’s gone beyond a pink line on the floor designating six feet of distance between customers.


When Liberals Attack: Woman Slaps Customer For Violating Social Distancing

Ex-MLB Player: “I’d Rather DIE From Coronavirus Than Live In Fear Wearing A Mask”:

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Former San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff says he’s not going to comply with mask orders and would rather die from coronavirus than live in fear by wearing a mask, a sentiment many Americans can relate to as jurisdictions nationwide impose mandatory ordinances.

In a video posted to Twitter this week, the MLB player explained, “If you want to wear a mask and live in fear for the rest of your lives, that’s certainly your prerogative… But the vast majority of well-adjusted, sane, common-sense people that aren’t sheep and can reason for themselves agree with me.”

“Just because that is your plight in life doesn’t mean the whole world has to shut down,” he said.

“This is not a selfish thing for me,” Huff said. “This is a thing for me to try and free Americans, so they can freely breathe.”

Huff was initially referring to a tweet he shot off Monday declaring he would no longer be wearing a mask inside businesses, which triggered many liberals.


Heat St Teaches Leftists How to Enforce Face Masks

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You can’t exactly force friends, neighbors or strangers to wear a face covering to slow the spread of coronavirus, but experts prescribe a few approaches to help nudge them in the right direction — and keep yourself safe.

COVID-19 primarily spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets from coughing, sneezing and talking, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including by asymptomatic and “pre-symptomatic” individuals.

In a reversal from its earlier guidance, the agency recommended in April that Americans wear cloth face coverings while in public places that make physical distance difficult to maintain. A number of states and businesses also now require mask-wearing in some capacity.

Market Watch

MSNBC Reporter Promoting Masks Busted Live on Air With Mask-less Cameraman

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An MSNBC reporter complaining Americans weren’t wearing masks amid the re-opening of a Wisconsin town was put in check by a bystander, who exposed some in the reporter’s camera crew were also unmasked.

In a live shot with MSNBC host Katy Tur, a reporter who is wearing a mask tells her many in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which reopened last week with minimal restrictions, aren’t wearing masks.

“It seems like you might be one of the only people wearing a mask,” Tur says.

“You can see here, nobody’s wearing them. Katy,” the reporter says.

“Including the cameraman,” a man interjects.

“Yeah, there you go, including the cameraman,” admits the reporter, before attempting to throw back to Tur.

“Half your crew’s not wearing them,” the man adds, before Tur ends the interview describing the footage as “striking images.”


Leftist Cult Drives Woman Out of Grocery Store For Not Wearing a Mask (Video)

CLOWN WORLD: COVID ‘Precautions’ Are Getting Ridiculous

Nurse Exposes Coronavirus Face Masks Using Common Sense (Video)

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Removed Her Mask Thinking Cameras Were Off (VIDEO)

Liberal Realtor Goes on Foul-Mouthed Rant Against ‘Anti-Maskers’ (Video)

NY Woman Handcuffed by Police For “Not Fully Wearing Mask”

Santa Ana Police: Robberies Soar 50% as Suspects Exploit Mask Recommendation

Leftist Cult Drives Woman Out of Grocery Store For Not Wearing a Mask (Video)


Video footage out of Staten Island shows a woman being driven out of a grocery store by an angry mob because she’s not wearing a mask.

The clip shows the woman surrounded by other shoppers as they yell and cuss at her.

“Get the fuck outta here” and “get out” the crowd screams at the woman while pointing towards the exit.


Liberals Seizing Opportunity to Use Social Distancing to Control Public (Video)

Liberal Realtor Goes on Foul-Mouthed Rant Against ‘Anti-Maskers’ (Video)

NY Woman Handcuffed by Police For “Not Fully Wearing Mask”

Neurosurgeon Says Face Masks Pose Serious Risk to Healthy People

CLOWN WORLD: COVID ‘Precautions’ Are Getting Ridiculous

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In the latest example of the idiotic lengths the left is willing to go as they try to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, inventors developed a mask that opens and closes so the user can eat.

The ridiculous looking face covering is connected to a button that opens the mask when pushed and shuts when let go, although not shutting completely, therefore ruining the entire purpose of the mask in the first place.

As you can see in the following screenshot, the mask doesn’t even close all the way after being opened.

Earlier this week, two other ludicrous coronavirus inventions went viral for making people who actually use them look completely foolish.

For example, a German cafe is giving customers hats made of noodles to help them with social distancing.


German Cafe Makes Customers Wear Stupid Hats to Enforce Social Distancing

Nurse Exposes Coronavirus Face Masks Using Common Sense (Video)

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Removed Her Mask Thinking Cameras Were Off (VIDEO)

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Removed Her Mask Thinking Cameras Were Off (VIDEO)


Mask-police CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught removing her mask at a White House press briefing on Friday as soon as she thought the cameras were off.

Earlier this week Kaitlan Collins posted a picture of Vice President Mike Pence arriving to the White House in a face mask.

CNN and the other liars in the left-wing media attack President Trump for refusing to wear a mask when he’s out in public.

Cloth masks do not protect against the Coronavirus.

Gateway Pundit

MSM Claims Men Won’t Wear Face Masks Because They Feel ‘Less Manly’


Men are far more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus than women, but a new study found that men are less likely to wear face masks outside, as health officials recommend.

According to the survey of 2,459 people, men who shunned mask-wearing cited concerns that face masks make them look weak and uncool.

“Men more than women agree that wearing a face covering is shameful, not cool, a sign of weakness, and a stigma,” the study authors wrote. The New York Post first reported the story, noting that other surveys had uncovered similar results about men’s reluctance to wear masks.

But all of those gender differences went away in counties where mask-wearing was mandatory, evidence that making mask-wearing could have a greater effect on men than women.

Business Insider