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FBI: A Foreign Govt is Trying to Help Joe Biden Win 2020

election meddling

This time around, there won’t be any need for a special counsel investigation to determine if there was foreign interference in the presidential election. 

The FBI has already established that a foreign government is trying to influence the outcome of the 2020 election, and the goal is to help Joe Biden win.

Earlier this week, mainstream media reports that stated that “the Proud Boys” were sending threatening emails to Democratic voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Arizona quickly went viral.

Even though the Proud Boys immediately denied being involved, many assumed that these threatening emails had to be the work of Trump supporters.

But when I read the message that was being sent out, I instantly recognized that something really fishy was going on.

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Disgraced FBI Has Been Protecting the Deep State For Decades


The FBI tried to cover up the Hunter Biden emails last year by confiscating them from a computer repairman and stonewalling him afterwards, according to reports.

The emails only became public because the repairman made a copy of Biden’s hard drive that was ultimately delivered to Rudy Giuliani.

“According to [the repairman] Isaac, the FBI first made a forensic copy of the laptop, then returned a few weeks later with a subpoena and confiscated it,” reported Zero Hedge. “After he stopped hearing back from the FBI, Isaac said he contacted several members of Congress, who did not respond, at which point his intermediary reached out to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.”

All of this occurred under FBI Director Christopher Wray’s watch.


Republicans Shred Comey Over Russia Hoax, FISA Abuse, Steele Dossier Source


Senate Republicans aggressively confronted ex-FBI Director James Comey during a hearing Wednesday over his corrupt actions related to the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee wasted no time grilling the disgraced former FBI director over damning new revelations pertaining to the FBI’s handling of the “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence operation into President Trump.

“Based upon what we know about how you and your agency ran the FBI’s anti-Trump investigation, you are either criminally corrupt or completely incompetent,” Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Comey.


Minn. Rep Went to Project Veritas Because FBI Wouldn’t Investigate Ilhan


A Minnesota state representative says he went to Project Veritas with the Ilhan Omar ballot harvesting allegations because the FBI stonewalled him entirely.

State Rep. Steve Drazkowski said he first shared the information with the FBI, but the bureau’s response was “languid.”

“I was not convinced that they were going to do an investigation,” he told political commentator Michelle Malkin. “The only other organization that I could think of that would bring it to the surface was Project Veritas.”

This isn’t surprising given how the FBI’s culture under Christopher Wray (pictured above) hasn’t changed much from the days of his predecessor James Comey.


Ilhan Omar Implicated in Cash-For-Ballot Scheme

The FBI Has No Credibility

Obama’s Deep State Provided Private Companies Access to US Databases to Illegally Surveil Americans


We reported in February that it was time we learned what entities Obama gave access to the US Intelligence database during his Administration.  Today we didn’t learn these entities names but instead we learned that FBI Director Christopher Wray’s FBI would like to keep this activity going.

This all started with a stunning April 2017 report from the FISA Court received which received no publicity until nearly a year after it was released to the public. The report covered results of an investigation or audit into FISA searches made by Obama’s NSA, FBI and DOJ during Obama’s time in office.

On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ participated in during his time in office. The report was actually completed before the 2016 election.  Americans had a right to know about it at that time, but the report was kept confidential until April 2017.

The FISA Court Ruling showed widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during the time of the audit (a few months in 2015) were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

Gateway Pundit

FBI Director Wray Continues to Redact Docs to Hide Its Crimes


We asked in early August, why is the Deep State at the FBI, CIA, DNI, etc allowed to redact information regarding their crimes and slow-walk all requests related to their corrupt actions regarding to Obamagate?

When will someone stop this madness? Americans deserve to know the truth.

Senator Ron Johnson was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and they discussed how the Deep State has prevented them and the American people from knowing the truth behind the coup attempt of President Trump before and after his 2016 election.  Americans endured years of garbage reporting about how the President was a Russia puppet, which was a total lie, but as we approach the 2020 election, all evidence showing the crimes of the Deep State is covered up.

After a brief discussion about the Deep State coverup of the truth behind the coup, Senator Johnson shared this about the cooperation he has received from the Christopher Wray FBI:

So let me just disagree with Chairman Graham, where he said he is very pleased with the production out of the FBI.  I am not.  So let me just give you a document that we got from the General Services Administration.  You can see that it’s an email, and all, everything is presented except for the very bottom.  They redacted the mobile phone number of the person writing the email.

[Next Senator Johnson shows a document that is nearly entirely blacked out – redacted]  Here’s the exact same email we got from the FBI.  You see something different here?  Everything is redacted.  And that, we’re supposed to get thousands of pages of those.  I finally had to subpoena the FBI, they’re on their second extension.  Everything is due by, I think the 30th of September and that’s the kind of information we get.  It’s not information.  We have to fight over redacting the same documents we get from other agencies.  So I am not happy at all with the document production we’ve gotten out of Director Wray at the FBI.  Not even close!

Gateway Pundit

Corrupt FBI Covering For Deep State


An FBI agent who worked for Special Counsel Robert Mueller told government investigators last week that other FBI agents on Mueller’s team openly joked about wiping all their text messages and data from their government issued iPhones.

In a summary of an interview related to the case involving former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, FBI Agent William Barnett said other special counsel team members “comically talk about wiping cellular telephones.” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has asked that the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General open an investigation into the wiping of the devices.

“Barnett had a cellular telephone issued by the SCO which he did not ‘wipe.’ Barnett did hear other agents ‘comically’ talk about wiping cellular telephones but was not aware of anyone ‘wiping’ their issued cellular telephones,” the summary states.

National File

New FBI Texts: Agents Bought Liability Insurance over Russia Investigation


New text messages released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Wednesday evening suggest that FBI agents involved in investigating Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign bought professional liability insurance for fear of being exposed and sued.

The text messages, reported by The Federalist and included in court filings by Sidney Powell, were part of a new batch of documents released as exculpatory evidence in the prosecution of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The evidence was released after a review of the case by U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, ordered by Attorney General William Barr.

In one text, an agent speculated that they would be “screwed” when a new attorney general began asking questions about the investigation, possibly after leaks to the New York Times or other media outlets.One text, dated Jan. 10, 2017, read: “we all went and purchased professional liability insurance.” Other texts discussed the rules for reimbursement of that insurance.

Powell also pointed to text messages that suggest FBI agents believed that some officials in the bureau were biased in favor of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election in arguing that the case against her client should be dismissed.


Durham Investigating FBI Handling Of Clinton Pay-To-Play Allegations


US Attorney John Durham is investigating how the FBI handled their investigation of bribery and pay-to-play allegations against the Clinton Foundation.

Notably, former FBI Director James Comey’s family supported Clinton in the 2016 US election, while the wife of his #2, Andrew McCabe, received roughly $700,000 from Clinton allies in her failed bid for Virginia state office – all while the FBI was handling the Clinton Foundation investigation.

In a Thursday report by the New York Times that mounts a robust, editorialized defense of Clintonworld (‘Durham’s probe is politically charged’ – ‘Durham is chasing down conspiracy theories,’ etc) – we learn that Durham has sought documents and interviews about how the FBI handled allegations of political corruption at the Clinton Foundation.

Zero Hedge

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Anti-Trumper Arrested For Sending President Letter Laced With Poison

white house2

An envelope posted to the White House containing the lethal substance ricin was intercepted by US authorities on Saturday.

The letter addressed to President Donald Trump appears to have been sent from Canada, and officials have identified a woman as a suspect, according to a report by the New York Times.

It was stopped at the final off-site government mail center before it arrived at the White House.

“The FBI and our US Secret Service and US Postal Inspection Service partners are investigating a suspicious letter received at a US government mail facility,” the FBI said in a statement, according to Times. “At this time, there is no known threat to public safety.”

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