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European Leader Predicts COVID Hell Will Trigger Monumental ‘Populist Backlash’


Finland’s leftist Prime Minister Sanna Marin has warned that lockdowns and other restrictive COVID measures will trigger a huge ‘populist backlash’ against governments and politicians in Europe.

Speaking with the Financial Times, Marin predicted that draconian restrictions “will cause protests more and more, and it’s a breeding ground for populist movements across Europe.”

“When you’re closing an economy and people’s workplaces, it will cause political instability. Populists come with easy answers to difficult problems, but their solutions are rarely the right ones,” she added.


UK Police Chief Warns Lockdown Could Spark Riots, Civil Unrest

Helsinki Airport deploys COVID-sniffing dogs to “Fight” Virus


Dogs sniffing for explosives and drugs are a common sight at airports around the world. But 10 dogs at the Helsinki Airport are searching for something potentially as dangerous.

A group of coronavirus-sniffing dogs were deployed at the airport for the first time on Tuesday, as part of a pilot program, according to Finnish airport operator Finavia. It’s the first airport in Europe, and the second in the world, to use dogs in the fight against the coronavirus.

“This might be an additional step forward on the way to beating COVID-19,” airport director Ulla Lettijeff said in a written statement.

Trained dogs can smell the coronavirus from 100 molecules or less — far less than the 19 million molecules used in PCR tests, according to Finavia. And research from the University of Helsinki has indicated dogs may have close to 100% accuracy in detecting the virus.

Fox News

Pro-Migrant Finnish Woman Brutally Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend Migrant


Police in Finland are investigating the murder of a woman killed by her migrant ex-boyfriend after making pro-mass migration posts on social media.

Sanni Ovaska was reportedly killed last week by Hasan Alqina, who then committed suicide. Alqina was in the country as a Palestinian asylum seeker and had earlier been denied a residency permit.

Authorities were alerted after a neighbor saw evidence of a crime at the apartment in Hämeenlinna. A photo was later posted to Twitter showing blood seeping under the door of the apartment.

“Ovaska had reportedly made anti-white posts on her social media accounts as well as championing a variety of progressive causes,” reports National File.


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Finland’s New Financial Minister Wants to Repatriate Women, Children From ISIS


Finland’s new millennial-female-run feminist government is already governing by Instagram poll.

From Reuters, “‘Seriously, Finland?’ Red-faced minister deletes Instagram poll“:

Finland’s finance minister deleted an Instagram post and issued an apology on Friday after criticism by a human rights group that embarrassed the new, women-led government days after it took office.

Katri Kulmuni, who became finance minister only this week, had posted an informal poll on whether the government should allow Finnish women with links to Islamic State to return from Syria, or just their children.

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Leftists Call Failed Basic Income Experiment in Finland “Flawed”


It wasn’t the news that researchers wanted. Two years after Finland launched a basic-income trial in which nearly 2,000 unemployed residents were given a regular monthly stipend, many of the recipients remained jobless.

The people reported that they were happier and healthier overall than other unemployed residents, but the experiment was widely declared a failure.

“It was discouraging to the basic income community,” Michael Stynes, CEO of the nonprofit Jain Family Institute, told Business Insider. “But the survey results, as far as I can tell, are not really usable.”

Business Insider

Finland: Christian MP Under Police ‘Hate Crime’ Investigation For Posting Bible Verse


A Christian MP in Finland is under a police hate crime investigation after she posted an image of Bible verses and questioned why the country’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was supporting LGBT pride events.

Päivi Räsänen, an MP for the Christian Democrats and Finland’s former Interior Minister, criticized the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ECLF) on Facebook over its participation in Helsinki’s gay pride week.

“How does the foundation of the church’s teachings, the Bible, fit with elevating sin and shame as reasons for pride?” Räsänen posted alongside an image of a Bible opened to Romans 1:24-27 from the New Testament.


Workers at European Asylum Centers Subject to Violence, Abuse by Migrants


Migrants living in ‘refugee’ centers in Europe are prone to “unacceptable” violent and abusive behavior, according to workers in Finnish and Dutch asylum centers.

Whistleblowers working with migrants in the Netherlands have come forward to tell their tales, which closely mirror experiences shared by their contemporaries in Finland.

The Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging trade union says staffers are facing a “growing minority of North Africans” who have created an “unsustainable” environment for staff and fellow migrants due to “threats, theft, and fights,” according to Netherlands public broadcaster NOS.


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Migrant Arrested in Latest Child Rape Case in Oulu, Finland


A foreign man has been arrested in Oulu, Finland, as police investigate the latest child sexual assault case to rock the city, this one involving two girls and possibly multiple perpetrators, according to local media.

Criminal Commissioner Eveliina Karjalainen told local outlet Kaleva that police suspect the female victims, one 18-years-old and the other under 16, were raped by more than one offender in a private residence.

“The investigation is still in the beginning,” she said. “This fact, like many other things, is under investigation.”

The suspect in custody is reportedly a “foreigner with a residence permit in Finland,” who has lived in the country for several years.


Finland Rocked by Explosive Migrant Grooming Gang Crisis


Shockwaves are rippling through Finland amid a slew of revelations indicating migrant ‘grooming gangs’ are preying on children under the age of 15.

The Nordic nation was initially rocked by the arrests of seven ‘foreign’ men in December who were charged with repeatedly gang raping a 10-year-old in Oulu. The men had all arrived in Finland as migrants or ‘refugees.’

A broader scandal now appears to be blowing wide open as Finnish police have announced investigations into multiple similar incidents in Oulu and Helsinki, and Finland’s president and prime minister have both been forced to address the matter.


Finland Shocked by Migrant Grooming Gangs Assaulting Young Girls


A series of sexual attacks against teenage and even preteen schoolgirls, with the suspected involvement by migrants from the Middle East, has shaken Finland, prompting condemnation from top-ranking politicians including Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and President Sauli Niinistö.

A group of eight immigrants suspected of brutally raping and sexually assaulting schoolgirls over a prolonged period of time have been arrested in the Finnish town of Oulu. According to the police all the men came to Finland as asylum seekers or refugees, some from the Middle East, national broadcaster Yle reported.

The alleged abusers are aged 18-40, whereas their victims were all aged under 15, with the youngest only 10 years of age. At least some of those detained have already received Finnish citizenship.